Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Trademark

I'm sorry that I haven't updated everyone in a while.... I don't mean to be secretive, we just want to make sure that we have our bases covered before we announce anything - but please know that we're doing all we can and that hopefully this trademark will be gone soon.

The trademark was passed last week on the supplemental register (which means that it wasn't strong enough for the regular register and doesn't have nearly as many laws protecting it). We had to wait for that until we could proceed further.

Within 48 hours, Elizabeth was making good on her threats. CHERUBS was turned into Cafepress and a number of other companies and agencies, including government ones, for "trademark infringement". Cafepress denied her request. We are awaiting paperwork from the other agencies and sites. So much for her blog post of "not policing the trademark". I think this is definitive proof that the only reasoning behind this trademark was to hurt CHERUBS and to prevent CDH families, doctors and other groups from being able to freely raise Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness. Not even 48 hours without attacking CHERUBS.

In the wake of all this, for other reasons, 2 BoH Board Members stepped down. The remainder of the Board is listed, with their e-mail addresses, on the petition web site at Feel free to ask them what their purpose behind all this is if they are supposed to be helping CDH families.

Also, we have a new graphic to help raise awareness of this trademark and the behavior of those individuals who are trying to hurt the CDH community. As you can see, it does not list any CDH organization. You are welcome to use this on your blogs, sites, etc. Please link it back to

The photo on this graphic is our own cherub, LaneyKate Daniels... is she not adorable? Who can say no to that face? We will make custom graphics as well. Please send photos to and Thank you Barb and Fer, our graphics committee! :)

In a few days, all of our members, advisors and many others will receive an e-mail with the latest news on this trademark. It will also contain a letter that you can send to the BoH Board Members demanding more mature and respectful behavior in the names of these children. If plain good manners and decency and common sense won't get that organization to do the right thing when it comes to our children, then maybe 1000's of e-mails and letters will. Along with other intervention as well.

What else can you do?

- Boycott that group until this behavior stops.
- Boycott the turquoise ribbon until this behavior stops.
- If you wrote to your governor and got a proclamation, write again, explaining how their proclamation was used and ask for any references to BoH be removed and awareness given to all people affected by CDH
- Sign the petition
- Forward the petition site to all family and friends
- Write to the BOH Board Members and ask them to stop this behavior
- Post the Stop the Trademark graphic on your site, facebook, myspace, etc

Our children should always, always come first. They can't stand up for themselves and their rights and their memories and helping restore the right to raise CDH awareness by everyone - so we will do it for them.

Those who have put these children first, who have supported the petition and the end of this trademark:

CHERUBS - The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and Support -

CHERUBS Australia -


Rainbow of Hope -

Jack Ryan Gillham Foundation -

Olivia Raine Foundation -

2 additional CDH organizations and 3 CDH clinics who want to remain anonymous

Over 100 pediatric surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals

100's of CDH families around the world.

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