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Daily CDH Vote Reminder - Meet Cherub Ericka Landers

Please Vote Today - This is your daily vote reminder to help babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia!

CHERUBS is participating the Vivint Gives Back Contest on Facebook and we need your votes!    How to vote:

1. Go to and "Like" Vivint

2. Go to and click the Vote button

3. Log in through Facebook and Vote!

4. Repeat #2 and #3 daily through August 27, 2011

Contest Update - Still in 3rd place but actor Charlie Sheen's tweets have raised astronomical awareness!  He's posting to 4 million Twitter followers and over 22,000 new sites have picked up the story!  Keep voting!!! 

Contest Voter Tip Of The Day - ASK people to vote!  Don't assume they are because they see you voting.  Ask them directly and tell them why it's important to vote.

More Contest Info - visit for information on how you can win prizes in our voter raffle, the contest video, free graphics, learn where the money would go to help CDH babies and more.

Did You Know? - Many CDH babies require artificial materials to repair the hole in their diaphragms.  Gore-Tex is the most commonly used material.  This is the same material used to make coats and shoes by the famous maker.

Meet Our Cherubs!  - Ericka's prognosis started out very well. While I was still pregnant, we were told she looked fantastic! She was a healthy size, her heart was functioning well, her lungs looked good-considering, all positives when dealing with CDH. Her expected discharge would be in two to three weeks. However, when she was born full-term on March 18th, 2009, everything started falling down around me and her daddy. They whisked her away and intubated her. They inserted IVs, a ventilator, a nitric oxide machine, taped a monitor to her toe, and placed sensors all over her chest and stomach that looked like ducks. How comforting, cute little ducks... We watched her struggle every day, not knowing if any day would be the last we'd get to be with her. Her surgery was pushed back every day. At 11 days old, she was transferred from Providence where she was born to Mass General Hospital in Boston for the use of ECMO-something we were initially told would most likely be unnecessary. Two days later, Ericka had her surgery, ECMO-free! The amazing surgeon who performed her repair said he was optimistic about her recovery.

Two days after her surgery, she had a rough night and the NICU's only option at that point was ECMO. She was successfully places on venous venous ECMO but just a few days later, she crashed. Her surgeon told me they would need to switch her to venous arterial ECMO. My heart sank because I knew, as far as treatment went, if this didn't save her, nothing would. She spent the next 15 days on ECMO. Halfway through, we had a family meeting and we were told "We're gonna give Ericka two more weeks on the circuit and that's all we have left.." FINALLY, she came off it six days after that and never looked back! The rest of her recovery was like a gentle wave rolling in at low tide. She came off the ventilator and never went back, she didn't need a C-PAP machine, she took her own nasal cannula out and never used it again! After she had a g-tube placed at two and a half months, she spent the next three weeks getting used to increased feeds and came home! She came home on seven medications and with a feeding tube but the medications slowly decreased to four. And the last four were gone when the feeding tube was gone, 14 months after she was born.
Since all of this, she has had no problems. She's never stayed overnight in the hospital, she's never been sick with anything worse than a stomach bug. Her lungs looked great at last check and she's ahead of all expectations! We had been told that she'd most likely be developmentally behind but that is nowhere near the truth! She's smart. funny, happy, healthy, and amazingly beautiful! She's my little miracle and she is why I became involved with CHERUBS. I vote for her. I vote for CHERUBS. I vote for the survivors and the angels. They're all very special to me! But I will be eternally grateful that my little girl is here with me. Please vote so ALL CDH families can be just as lucky someday and not have to say goodbye,

Thank you all for your support and your votes to help CDH babies!

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