Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Trademark

Very candid response to e-mails sent to CDH families by another organization, attacking them and CHERUBS. Maybe someday all CDH organizations will actually focus on CDH and helping families.....

Some of you and some family members and friends have been writing to the BoH Board to ask them why they want to own that trademark.... and that's great... because THEY (the board) need to know that CDH families want to know. The problem is, Elizabeth is either blocking these and responding herself or just responding for everyone - and sending some pretty nasty, rude e-mails back to those that write the BoH Board - calling people stupid, ignorant, etc. If this happens to you, don't respond... though it seems she sends several e-mails herself. Just don't get caught up in any arguments or drama and if they are slanderous (which so far they are) please just forward them for our lawyers.

And for the record, based on forwarded e-mails full of slander....

CHERUBS has 501(c)III status - the IRS even sent us a newer letter stating that just a few months ago because I requested one because of the lies being spread. It's in our downloads section.

CHERUBS Board is Active - they are here, posting, you can see them on our site. All but our doctors post there and our doctors are active as well. They are all well aware of this problem we've been having of being attacked by this other organization - and many have signed the petition themselves. Over 100 doctors and nurses have signed.

No one owns awareness of a disease or birth defect - except BoH. It is the ONLY trademark of it's kind - which is why it was not let on the regular register and will not stand on the supplemental register. It keeps being said that the March of Dimes owns the trademark to Prematurity Awareness and this is not true - they own the trademark to Prematurity Awareness DAY - and the MoD board that was notified about the CDH Awareness trademark. I was notified that another organization is now trademarking fundraising phrases to try to prevent other CDH organizations from participating - when those phrases are already used by other causes. Maybe someday soon all CDH organizations will focus on the CDH families instead of juvenile games and popularity contests and deceit. Thankfully there are 8 CDH organizations that do care about the families - these are the organizations backing the end of the trademark - organizations that do not trademark, do not attack other organizations and who do put families first.

On-Line petitions such as the one we are all signing and forwarding is different from a Petition to Cancel - we are doing both. Someone is very confused about the 2.

CHERUBS is not "threatened" nor do we want a "monopoly on CDH".... only people who try to register trademarks want to own monopolies. Especially where CDH is concerned. Especially when their ideas are not even original, but taken from other CDH organizations or other disease / birth defect causes. CHERUBS has never trademarked anything. We do not charge for services. We give our research away freely. Our research is accurate and honest. Our fundraisers are original. We work with other organizations and clinics and always have. 8 CDH organizations worked together on the petition. What is the reasoning behind wanting to own CDH Awareness if not to monopolize it, dictate who can say it, who can raise awareness, funds, research? Especially when said person keeps trying to get our organization removed from search engines, our CHARITY fundraising site taken down and filing false reports with the government to try to get our non-profit status revoked. This person is supposed to be leading a children's charity of her own to help CDH families, instead she keeps hurting them. "Free enterprise" and competition is fine... but CHERUBS has never wanted to nor do we have the time to compete with anyone. In my personal opinion, anyone who wants to compete for anything to do with CDH, including ideas, members, etc.... needs professional help because then it's no longer about helping CDH families and these children, but their own egos. CHERUBS was started before any other CDH groups, competition has never been what we are about - we are about helping families and doing right by these children.

So my point is - don't believe the lies that you hear, because they are lies and slanderous. Don't let her rude responses stop you from e-mailing the BoH Board. If she responds, you don't have to read it. You can delete it, ignore it, forward it, or read it and laugh at it - but don't get upset because that's the goal - to upset and intimidate and bully CDH families. Don't give anyone the power to do that.

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