Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prayers & Quotes for December 31, 2009

Prayers & Quotes for December 31, 2009

If you have a prayer request for a cherub or a family member of a cherub, you can send it to

Please keep the following in your thoughts and prayers:

Cherub Jacob G. is in the PICU with pneumonia. He is on a vent and needs our prayers.
Newborn cherub Ciaran B. arrived 12/29. Surgery is set for tomorrow.
Newborn cherub baby girl Fuentes, was being induced 12/27.
Newborn cherub Enrique A. had his repair surgery on 12/29.
Newborn cherub Ruby W. had her repair surgery on 12/23.
Cherub Ethan H. is having a rough time recovering from his reherniation surgery on 12/15, still on vent.
Newborn cherub Chase K. spent Christmas at home! He was discharged on 12/24/09.
Newborn cherub Mia M. is home! She was discharged on 12/16/09.
Cherub Alexander H. is in the hospital and having a difficult time recovering from a bowel obstruction surgery.
Cherub John L. is ill with bronchiolitis.
Cherub Addisen C. is recovering from a bone graft surgery.
Newborn cherub Lewis B. is working on feeds, still in the hospital, but making progress towards home.
Newborn cherub Joshua L. will need a gtube, surgery date has not been set. Feeds are the only thing keeping him in the hospital.
Newborn cherub Zoe L. is still in the hospital. Zoe’s twin sister Sadie L. is home.
To all our families and friends that are fighting against the flu, colds, sickness…may you feel better soon and have no complications.

Cherubs on Their Way:

Cherub Jeremiah M., due 3/30
Cherub baby boy Ruben, due 2/24
Cherub Jaden M., induction 1/3
Cherub Mekhai R., due 3/17
All families expecting a baby with CDH, may you have continued hope and strength for the journey that lies ahead.

Newly Grieving Families:

Cherub Averi G. and family, grew her wings on 12/28
Cherub Briana H. and family, grew her wings on 12/20
To all the families who have loved and lost this past year, our thoughts and prayers go out to each one of you for a peaceful new year. May you find the peace and comfort in the new year and know you are never alone, for so many people care about you.

Today’s Quotes:

"Let this coming year be better than all the others. Vow to do some of the things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time." -Ann Landers

"Faith goes up the stairs love has built and looks out the window which hope has opened..." -Charles Spurgeon

"I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance...

I hope you dance…"
-From the song "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack

"When the world says, "Give up," hope whispers, "Try it one more time."" -Author Unknown

Sunday, December 27, 2009

End of Year 2009 Donations to CHERUBS

Happy New Year!!!!!

As we wrap up yet another year, we would like to remind everyone that it's that time of year again - time to make your end of year donations to receive tax credit on next year's returns!

We know that 2009 has been a very hard year for most financially. We know that donations are hard to make and as such, you should well research every charity that you donate to. Some must knows about CHERUBS as you contemplate which charity to support with your hard earned money:

  • Donations made by December 31st are tax-deductible for 2009's tax return.
  • In-kind donations, including those made to our CDH HOPE Totebag project, are tax-deductible.
  • Donations can be made in honor or in memory of someone. Donations made in lieu of flowers at memorial services are also deeply appreciated.
  • Donations are listed in our newsletter and families receive donation acknowledgements when someone sends a gift in honor or in memory of their cherub.
  • Donations are used to directly assist families affected by CDH through 5 different funds (listed below). Donations made to specific funds can be made by clicking on the fund name below:
  • CDH Family Support Fund – this fund covers all support services, including our web sites, newsletters, conferences, New Member Packets, get-togethers and other general operating costs. CHERUBS does a lot for CDH families and the CDH community and we incur quite a few costs during so. Just 1 newsletter mailing is now over $3000 for printing and posting with so many members. Our conferences are also expensive. Our monthly expenses are several hundred dollars for ink, postage, web site hosting fees, etc. It takes a lot to fund an organization with almost 3000 members. Remember, no one at CHERUBS gets paid and we have no office so every penny directly helps CDH families. And all of our services are FREE so we do charge membership fees.
  • CDH Research Fund – to pay for the $1000 a year cost of research database hosting, programmer and to raise money for research organizations such as the International CDH Study Group. The CDH Study Group is a collective group of over 30 hospitals around the world specializing in CDH research. We chose to support groups like this one because we know that every cent will go directly to research on Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and research will be brooder and more advanced when collaborating with dozens of hospitals and researchers together.
  • CDH Family Assistance Fund – A majority of this fund will go to help families with travel expenses such as airline tickets and gas. It will not go to lodging because CHERUBS highly recommends the free lodging available at Ronald McDonald Houses. Families will submit confidential applications to assistance and a committee will consider each request. Our goal is to make sure that all CDH families can afford to get to their cherub’s medical center and have a place to stay so that they can concentrate on their children instead of travel worries. We hope to assist a family through this fund by Spring, 2010. The remaining small percentage of this fund will go to the CDH HOPE Totebag Project, a new program that helps new and expectant families by supplying them with items needed during their cherub's hospital stay.
  • CDH Awareness Fund – this fund helps to raise awareness of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia through balloon releases, giving away free CDH ribbon buttons and brochures and other items. It will also cover advertising costs, billboards, video production and much more.
  • CDH Scholarship Fund – for CDH survivors and siblings. Families can raise money to give scholarships in honor / memory of their cherubs. We hope to award our first scholarship in 2010.
    • Donations can be made on-line on our web site through, a secure site that we've used for over 10 years for donations. PayPal accepts all major credit cards from around the world.
    • Donations can be made by mail through check or money order (U.S. currency only please) made out to CHERUBS, 3650 Rogers Rd #290, Wake Forest, NC 27587
    • CHERUBS never charges families for our services, materials or totebags. Our membership is free and always has been. Against the advice of accountants, auditors and other non-profit leaders, we have resisted mandatory subscription fees or charging for entrance into our forums or events. We have asked for members to make annual donations if they can afford to do so but it is never required. We want every CDH family who needs help to be able to freely access it.
    • CHERUBS currently does not receive any grant funding. Our charity subsists solely from donations and fundraisers.
    • CHERUBS has very little overhead with no office, donated phone lines and internet and no utility bills. But monthly expenses still add up quickly with 3000 members to serve.
    • Only 2% of our members donate annually, with less than .5% volunteering. We depend on public donations greatly to keep our services and charity running.
    • Donations make possible our annual CDH Conference, our newsletter, our web sites, our CDH HOPE Totebags, awareness materials, postage fees, awareness events and our 5 Funds. We do a whole lot of good on less than $30,000 a year in donations!
    • Your donation will never go to pay anyone's salary. CHERUBS is run solely by volunteers and always has been. Our President has logged over 25,000 hours of volunteer work at CHERUBS in the past 15 years and our other volunteers have donated 1,000's of hours as well to help families affected by CDH.
    • We do not pay lawyers, accountants, marketing executives or other 3rd parties and try to find sponsors and volunteers for in house needs such as web design, programming, graphic art, etc. We are blessed to have many amazing volunteers and pro bono professionals who want to help CDH families.
    • CHERUBS has been audited and publicly files financial reports every year on our web site as well as with - so you can rest assured where your donation money goes.
    • CHERUBS posts our 990 tax returns and our financial reports - to show how much money in donations that we receive - and where your donations are spent. In detail. Very few charities do this, as by law it's only required to show people our tax returns (and only if they ask). CHERUBS has an open book policy when it comes to our financial info and our missions. We believe in high ethics and honesty and making sure that our members, and the public, know what we stand for.
    • CHERUBS never "filters" donations. We do not serve as a bank system for donors to channel money to other institutions and use those donations as a marketing ploy for our charity. We encourage members to donate directly to hospitals and other charities themselves - since they are also non-profits. Credit should be given to those who worked hard to fundraise and raise awareness - the families. That said - if you'd like to donate directly to specific CDH center, we highly encourage you to do so and ask that you do not donate to them indirectly through us. That just makes more paperwork for both charities and takes the appreciation from the true donor - you! We would be happy to help you locate a contact person to accept your donation.
    • CHERUBS never "banks" donations. Our donations are used immediately to serve the CDH community, instead of sitting in an account doing no one any good except collecting a little bit of interest. By law, charities cannot "save" large amounts of funds as the entire mission of any charity is to serve others.
    • CHERUBS has never used a cent of donation money for any lobbying, trademarks, lawyers fees, or other government or legal issues. We make sure that every penny donated to our charity directly helps CDH families, not politics or special interests.
    • CHERUBS is a grassroots charity run by a large array of those affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Our Board of Directors includes CDH parents, grandparents, survivors, nurses, doctors and the world's top CDH researchers. No other charity in the world has such a respected, educated or experienced group of leaders who care so much about the CDH community.
    • CHERUBS has been a non-profit for 15 years. We are not a fly-by-night organization. We are the world's first and largest charity for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia with over 3000 members in 38 countries and all 50 states. We are a trend-setter in the services that help families affected by CDH, leading the way for other groups and newer charities who have followed in our footsteps. We will continue to lead until Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia is no more. We are devoted to finding the cause, prevention and best treatments for CDH.
    • CHERUBS is a founding member of the Alliance of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Organizations, dedicated to work together with integrity on one mission - helping CDH families.

    At CHERUBS, we know there are a lot of charities out there who are equally as worthy of your time and donation. We appreciate your consideration and your support of those affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and hope that you will choose CHERUBS as the recipient of your kindness so that we can continue to help CDH families around the world.

    12 Days of CDH Christmas... to be continued

    We hit a little snag with the 12 Days of CDH Christmas. Our President - the person who was putting together the 12 Days of projects and who updates most of the blog - had to take a few weeks off unexpectedly. The 12 Days of CDH Christmas will continue in January as the 7 other projects are posted. Stay tuned!

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    On The Fifth Day of CDH Christmas....

    On The Fifth Day of CDH Christmas.... CHERUBS gave the CDH community another conference, another chance to meet other CDH families in person, talk to the world's leading CDH specialists, participate in CDH research and have fun.

    CHERUBS 2010 International Member Conference for Families Affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia will take place on July 8 - 10, 2010 in San Francisco.

    This will be our first web conference as well! Members will be able to view the speakers on-line during our conference.

    Hotel and speaker details to be posted soon on our conference web site at

    Also today, here is the debut of our 2009 CHERUBS International Member Conference video.

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    Prayers & Quotes for December 14, 2009

    Prayers & Quotes for December 14, 2009

    If you have a prayer request for a cherub or a family member of a cherub, you can send it to

    Please keep the following in your thoughts and prayers:

    Cherub Ethan H. is having his reherniation surgery tomorrow, 12/15.
    Cherub Addisen C. is having a bone graft surgery today for her cleft lip/palate.
    Cherub Adam H.’s brother Aaron is undergoing an endoscopy under anesthesia today to see what the cause of his reflux is after dealing with reflux for 6 years (since he was born) and a variety of treatments. Tissue samples will be taken for a biopsy.
    Newborn cherub Chase K. is having a Gtube surgery today. Hopefully, if all goes well this week, he should be home for Christmas!
    Newborn cherub Mia M. is set to be discharged this Wednesday!
    Newborn cherub Averi G. arrived 11/30. She is on ECMO and did have her repair while on ECMO. Prayers she continues moving in the right direction with her healing and being weaned from ECMO.
    Newborn cherub Briana H. is off ECMO and expected to have her repair surgery sometime this week, if she remains stable.
    Angel cherub Ireland B.’s brother Tristan broke/fractured his arm in wrestling between his elbow and shoulder. Need prayers the break will heal nicely over the next 6 months and he is not in too much pain.
    Cherub Caroline K. is having lung issues.
    Cherub Ruby S. needs help with eating without using her NG tube. She took 16 oz. by mouth yesterday, the most she has taken!! Keep going Ruby!!
    Cherub Nicole T. needs prayers for she is facing a surgery next year to have rods inserted to help with her scoliosis.
    Cherub Carter A. had his PICC line removed that was being used to treat his staph infection. He has started seeing his therapists at home to help with PT, OT and ST.
    Newborn cherub Lewis B. is now on nasal cannulas. He is having issues with fluid buildup and has had to have his chest drained a couple of times. Mom got to get him dressed for the first time last week!
    Newborn cherub Joshua L. no longer has any IV’s. He still is on oxygen and an NG tube. He is working on bottle feeding.
    Cherub Adam H.’s grandma has recently been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. On Christmas Eve she will have a complete mastectomy of the cancerous breast.
    Cherub Dylan J. is recovering from his reherniation surgery repair.
    Newborn cherub Zoe L. is working on feeds and gaining weight. She is also working on being weaned down on her oxygen. Zoe’s twin sister Sadie L. has been home over a week now and doing well.
    Cherub Isabel H. had strabismus surgery last week. Prayers her eyes heal nicely.
    Newborn cherub Savannah S. is still in the hospital, working on getting to low flow nasal cannulas and working on feeds. A gtube may be needed.
    Angel cherub Jeremiah D.’s mom Sarah is expecting a new baby in January/early Feb. and is also planning Jeremiah’s anniversary in January. Please pray that Jeremiah’s pictures are returned, for she had some of her belongings stolen recently that included pictures of Jeremiah.
    We received a prayer thank you/praise report from cherub member, Amy.... "My Cherub, Finley, had his G-tube removed yesterday. By the grace of God, Finn has defied all odds. We were told he would NEVER make it to full-term, they had to induce me to get him out. We were told he’d probably require ECMO due to the severity of his condition and he did nothing BUT improve from the moment he was born. From the Low Point of my entire existence when I was told there was a 50% chance I’d bring my child home (at 30 weeks pregnant…no one saw ANYTHING prior) to the moment when our GI took his G-Tube out, I can offer nothing but thanks for my child’s health, because I KNOW this could have turned out so differently."
    To all our families and friends that are fighting against the flu, colds, sickness…may you feel better soon and have no complications.

    Cherubs on Their Way:

    Cherub Jeremiah M., due 3/30
    Cherub baby boy Ruben, due 2/24
    Cherub Jaden M., due at the beginning of the new year.
    All families expecting a baby with CDH, may you have continued hope and strength for the journey that lies ahead.

    Newly Grieving Families:

    To all families affected by CDH and the loss of their precious child, may continued peace and comfort surround them.

    From angel cherub Connie E.’s mom Claire: prayers for the grieving parents who are facing their 1sts this Christmas and coming year, including Claire.

    Today’s Quotes:

    “Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but inventing some imaginary letters along the way.” -Douglas Pagels

    “Never get tired doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” -Author Unknown

    “Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don’t want it. What appears bad manners, an ill temper or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.” -Miller Williams

    “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    On The Fourth Day of CDH Christmas....

    On The Fourth Day of CDH Christmas CHERUBS is trying to give the CDH community hope and peace....

    In November CHERUBS trademark and tort attorneys invited the owner of the trademark "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness" to sit down with our organization and our attorneys as a "CDH Summit" of sort to resolve the trademark issue and other issues. Our offer has been accepted and we will meet in January. After 6 years, this is the first time the other party has agreed to a sit down discussion so this is a very positive step for the entire CDH community and hopefully will lead to many new resources for CDH families.

    Until the meeting and resolving of the trademark and other issues, CHERUBS will continue to work towards making Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness free for everyone again, as well as helping to protect awareness of all causes through our Congressional Bill. The trademark trial will continue until a resolution has been made. Until that time, we would like to remind those of you who are listed as court witnesses that you have legal obligations to avoid communications with parties you are witnesses against and by law and ethics, they should not be contacting you. Hopefully this trademark matter will be resolved soon and we can all put this nonsense behind us and move forward.

    We are very excited about this meeting and the opportunity for progress and peace that it brings!!!! We hope and pray that the CDH community returns to how it was 6 years ago when all charities, groups and families worked together and supported each other without conflict or competition. We ask that the entire CDH community pray for an end to the drama so that everyone can go back to focusing solely on helping families affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. CHERUBS goal is, and always has been, to work with other CDH organizations and researchers to collectively help CDH families in a professional, respectful manner that always keeps the best interests of CDH families at heart and we are very hopeful and excited that others may join us in this focus.

    2009 International Children's Memorial Day

    International Children's Memorial Day

    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    Candles will be lit at 7:00 pm in all time zones so that there will be constant light around the world in memory of our children in Heaven.

    Over a quarter of a million babies have been lost to CDH since the year 2000.

    Over 1600 babies are with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia each year in the United States alone. Approximately 800 of those babies will not survive. Below is just a small list of babies lost to CDH.

    The 2009 National Children's Memorial Day is Sunday, December 13th. At 7:00 pm in each time zone, people will be lighting candles to remember all children lost.

    Over a half million babies have been affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia since 2000. This means that over a quarter of a million babies have have been lost to this devastating birth defect. Over 800 babies are lost to CDH in the United States alone each year.

    CHERUBS has participated in NCMD for over a decade. We remember all the families who mourn their children from Congenital Diaphragmatic and those who mourn their children lost from other circumstances.

    This week our web site home page will go black in memory of those cherubs lost as we list every child in membership lost to CDH. It remain this way until December 14th. This is our solemn tribute to those cherubs with wings as well as our way to bring awareness to the many children lost to CDH.

    If you would like your cherub's name added or removed, please e-mail us at Members names will automatically be included. Please contact us if you do not want your cherub's name listed. Please make sure to have your membership form (profile) updated with your cherub's name and status if you have recently lost your cherubs.

    Zoie Katrina Abel
    Caleb Joseph Acker
    Virginia "Addison" Acord
    Aileen Iris Adame
    Darrian E. Adams
    Darrian Earl Adams
    Tarquin Mikhail Adcock
    Myles Steven Albin
    Logan Andrew Alexander
    Sean Michael Alexander
    Edward Thomas Allen
    Guage Michael Allen
    Edyn Grace Allinson
    Megan Jane Allinson
    Cloudey Rae Anders
    Katherine Anderson
    Jaime Angela Andino
    Jakob Nelson Andriacchi
    Dale Linden Appleyard
    Sergio Salvador Moreno Arana
    Hunter Arlidge
    Mahalah Theresa Arnold
    Philip Meade Austin
    Tanis Erin Avond
    Reilly Caleb Ayers
    Victoria Marie Ayscue
    Baby B B
    Isabella Rose B
    Nathan Presley Bacon
    Matthew Benjamin Bailey
    Roslyn Renae Bailey
    Scarlett Emilie Bailey
    Joshua Bruce Baker
    D Vishva Balaji
    Natalie E. Bankes
    Chloe' Gabrielle Barbee
    Kyle James Barbee
    Nathan Barber
    Rachel Marie Barragan
    Conner Blake Bass
    Skylie Paige Bass
    Brady Edwin Sundt Baumann
    Meghan M. Baxter
    Seth Christopher Bebus
    Gracie Elizabeth Bell
    John Brody Bell
    Garrett Reid Benedict
    Brodie Mckibbin Bennett
    Anthony Joseph Bergman
    Jaila Berrios
    Nathan Lee Bevan
    Caylor Rebecca Bird
    Mena Hany Bishai
    Jayden Lee Blackshear
    Kimberly Anne Blackwell
    Sean Peter Blakeley
    Joel Archie Jed Abel Blakley
    Gage William Blalock
    Aaron Kyle Blank
    Josiah Stephen Blay
    Rachel Natalie Bloomfield
    Zachary Michael Blue
    Lars Blumenroehr
    Kyan Andrew Meer Bolin
    Ali A. Boner
    Alec Edward Bonser
    Landon Tyler Boothe
    Lauren Marie Bower
    Hannah Kate Bowring
    John Boydell
    Amy Marie Boyer
    Chaia D'Lynn Boyett
    Mitchell Robert Bracht
    Madeline Hope Bracken
    Kaitlyn Michelle Bradburn
    Jonathan Jeffrey Brandenburg Jr
    Kalley Madison Bray
    Serena Grace Brent
    Kayla Rae Brewer
    Riley Owen Brewer
    Madison Brooks
    Benjamin Joseph Broom
    Alan James Brown
    Hayden Isaac Brown
    Anneliese Mae Browning
    Nicholas Michael Brucher
    Jonathan David Bugeya Miller
    Kassidy Lynn Bumbaugh-Masser
    Kayci Ann Bunselmeyer
    Johnathon Patrick Burch
    Andrew Martin Burdette
    Layla Mae Burket
    Nikolas Antonio Burks
    Thomas Carter Burton
    Connor Christian Butler
    Jesse Draper Byington
    Tia Lillie Byron Mcdonnell
    Braden Ryan Cahalan
    William A. Calabria
    Kaitlyn Elizabeth Calhoun
    Tony Callejas
    Victoria M. Calligaris
    Brady Joseph Campbell
    Logan James Campbell
    Joshua Isaiah Candelario
    Brandon Michael Carman
    Denver-Wayne Alvin Carr
    Laila Alana Carrero
    Laila Alana Carrero
    Kristian Abel Carrion
    Maddison Jane Carroll
    Casey Benjamin Carrow
    Baby Owen Carter
    Daniel Paul Cartledge
    Callie Jane Casadecalvo
    Alexander Phillip Castaldo
    Starr Castronova
    Keira Isabella Caudle
    Rhyan Andrew Charles
    Noah Adan Chavez
    Tracy Eric Chavis
    Melinda Leigh Cheney
    Kayla Mae Michele Childress
    Alisha Lemuela Chiteme
    Emily Nicole Clark
    Justis Nathanial Clark
    Zane Joseph Clark
    Matthew William Clemens
    Tyler James Clewes-Pritchard
    Hunter Thomas Cobb
    Jaelah Iliana Coello
    Trinity Ann Coleman
    Myah Rose Collins
    Mackenzie Helena Collis
    Kasey James Colvin
    Tyler Conry
    Darrien Jeffrey Cook
    Amelia M. Coolbaugh
    Taylor Saige Cooper
    Wyatt Daniel Corfee
    Danielle Nicole Cottingham
    Gregory Zion Couret
    Christopher Cade Cowling
    Caleb Ray Cox
    Alexis Nicole Crane
    Sarah Jane Crawford
    Shannon Elizabeth Crawford
    Grayton Karleigh Creekbaum
    Hayden Alexander Crites
    Laura Grace Culler
    Kelsey Brooke Cunningham
    Sydney Elise Curlock
    Cassidy Riley Currence
    Niall Martin Curry
    Alicia Rose Curwain
    Christopher Lloyd Czarnecki
    Alyssa Murann Czarnecki
    Tyler Ray Czarnecki
    Ava Rose Daher
    Alexandra Clair Damico
    Isaac Shire Dardzinski
    Tommy Dennis Dawson
    Brandon Edward Day
    Jenna Rose Dayton
    William Francis Dechary
    Brian Allen Decker
    Abigail Nicole Dennis
    Mikayla Renee Depape
    Jeremiah Isaac Deskins
    Cierra Mae Desorcie
    Nathan Andrew Dewberry
    Grace Caroline Dill
    Luke John Ditchfield
    Nicholas Robert Doades
    Matthew Frank Doerscheln
    Ally Rosina Dorrington
    Jack Arthur Dowling
    Margaret Kathleen Dowtin
    Benjamin Required Doyle-Newe
    Maci Grace Drake
    Caleb Drew-Jones
    Ethan Michael Driller
    Floyd Edward Dubois
    Alex Firmin Duguay
    Vincent Steven D'Ulisse
    Amanda Leigh Durbin
    Jackson Levi Durst
    Mikayla Marie Duscher
    Jennifer Lynn Dyke
    Emily Elizabeth Templar Earl
    Christopher B. Earley
    Sean Mitchell Eason
    Taylor Elizabeth Edmond
    Abbie G. Edwards
    Reese Gabrielle Eisele-Elizondo
    Nora Rae El-Gamel
    Jacob Daniel Elizondo
    Aidan Michael Ellis
    Jamison Lee Ellis
    Callie Ann Embleton
    Noah Reagan Engebretson
    Ethan Cole English
    Emily Ann Ennis
    Erin Required Erin
    Connie Katherine Evans
    Grace Evans
    Jay William Leroy Evans
    Shelton Earl Evans
    Haylee Marie Fagan
    Christopher John Faraldi
    Arianna Nadia Farooq
    Henry James Faure
    Sean Anthony Feaster
    Travis Lee Fenn
    Kaden Michael Ferguson
    Baby Boy Ferraro
    Emma Jene Fewell
    Yazmin Caridad-Virginia Filpos
    Zoe Aris Fisher
    Aaron Ray Fishgrab
    Jason John Flak
    Faith Marie Florez
    Alexander Miguel Flynn-Nesbeth
    Ashley Hope Footit
    Kaitlynn Rene Foret
    Candis Nakole Forman
    Max Garrett Foshe
    Jak W. P. Foster
    Kirsten Jewell Foster
    Natalie Mary Fraissinet
    Tia Kaye Frazer
    Thomas Alexander Freitag
    John Daniel Friedlander
    Jacob Anthony Friske
    Brandon Christian Frush
    Ava Elizabeth Furey
    Steven Allen Furman
    Mckenna Meredith G
    Christopher L. Gaff
    Cameron Faith Gallegos
    Nicholas Jacob Gang
    Gabriel Chance Garrison
    Steven Tyler Gartman
    Jake Tyler Gaspard
    Daniel O. Gates
    Averi Hope Gaynor
    Caleb James Bradley Geaghan
    Jade Alexandra Genys
    Jack Ryan Gillham
    Cameron Lamond Gilreath
    Sarah Kay Gleason
    Gwendolynn Leigh Glover
    Ruby Goldblum-Klebe
    Serra Meghan Golden
    Annabelle Marie Gomez
    Juan Pablo None Gonzalez
    Santiago Gonzalez
    Callie Grace Gould
    Christopher John Graepel
    Avery Lynn Graham
    Holden Wade Graham
    Kylee Freedom Green
    Reece H. Griffith
    Evan Robert Grisez
    Kaleb Matthew Groce
    Olivianna Grace Grover
    Gunner Alan Grubbs Kelley
    Gunner Alan Grubbs Kelley
    Rori Dyan Guerrero
    Anika Faith Guertin
    Madison H
    Joseph Michael Hales
    Celeste Hall
    Celeste M Hall
    Robert Severance Halliday, II
    Olivia May Halstead
    Zarek Ryan Halterman
    Hannah Alysabeth Hamby
    Nizhoni Lee Hamm
    Billy Thomas Hampton
    Rahul Hanabe
    Jackson David Haney
    Blake Donald Hanlon
    Daniel Ray Hardin
    Jeremy Lason Harer
    Brooklyn Rae Harker
    Sean E. Harkins
    Matthew Allen Harnish
    Matthew Michael Harper
    Ellianna Nevaeh Harris
    Joshua Ethan Harris
    Bethany Grace Hart
    Aidan Dominic Hartley
    Aidan Dominic Hartley
    Georgia Rose Harvey-Couch
    Rebecca Faith Havar
    Brayden Jay Hawkes
    Jenna Lynn Hawthorne
    Quincy Thomas Haynes
    Bryton Daniel Heaton
    Thomas James Hedrick
    Sade Hemmekam
    Ayden Kristopher Henderson
    Collin Scott-Patrick Hendricks
    Christopher A. Henricks
    Madalyn Alizabeth Hensley
    Adam A. Herrera
    Ethan Tyler Hess
    Harry James Hicks
    Harry James Hicks
    Adrian Pietro Higueros
    Megan Iona Hirst
    Jacob Russell Hitchcock
    Andrew Weston Hobbs
    Rebecca Christine Hodson
    Julia M Hoffman
    Madison Ann Holiday
    Hannah Rae Holland
    John Clinton Deloux Hollingsworth
    Annie Lee Hollinshead
    Braeden Ryan Holmes
    Darren A. W. Honsinger
    Taylor Louise Hopkins
    Brandon Dean Hornsby
    John Connor Hoskin
    Dylan Isaiah Houck
    Sylvia Houselog
    John Jr Tyleigh Peter Howard
    John Junior Tyleigh Peter Howard
    Jessica Howell
    James Patrick Howitt
    Julien Leroy Howson Jr.
    Matthew Glenn Hueser
    Lucas Danial Huether
    Elizabeth Joy Huffman
    Ethan Michael Huizenga
    David Hunter
    Evelyn Marie Hutchins
    Evelyn Marie Hutchins
    Belle Kathleen Hutto
    Lysa Marie Ienco
    Ryan Heustess Inman
    Morgan Marie Jackson
    Joel Archie Jacobs
    Ryan Joseph Russell Jaffry
    Anna Gerise Janousek
    Derek Quinton Jarvis
    Destin Constantine Dennis Jaworski
    Andrew Walter Jenkins
    Gregory Joseph Jennings
    Reese Sophia Jimenez
    Alexandria Katelyn Job
    Austin Bradley Johnson
    Matthew Ryan Johnson
    Nicholas Lee Johnson
    Samantha D. Johnson
    Maya Louise Jones
    Rachel Renee Jones
    Taylon Mitchell Jones
    Abigail Elizabeth Joos
    Findlay Lucas Jordan
    Morgan S Judd
    Bridget Hope Jussaume
    Mohamed Ibrahim Kalmoush
    Maximillian Gerard Kastner
    Madeline Jane Kayser
    Jacob Terence Kevin Keasley
    Rowan James Keating
    Kennedy Elaine Keckler
    Kyra Maxime Keller
    Gabriel Nicholas Gray Kelly
    Joshua Kelly
    Joshua Karl Kemper
    Kendall Reese Kennedy
    Cameron Anthony Kennell
    Christian Damon Keough
    Alyssa Catherine Kessner
    Jonathan James Kilby
    Matthew Taylor Kimberlin
    Zoe Candice Kiser
    Raphael Elior Kittel
    Levi David Klassen
    Madeline Emiley Klingbell
    William Gregory Klinzing
    William Klinzing, Jr
    Jordan James Knight
    Allison Ann Koetters
    Michaela Anne Kokinda
    Gabriel Joseph Kolacia
    Denali K. Korb
    William Anthony Kouskolekas
    Eli Michael Krejci
    Jack Lawrence Krueger
    Alexander Christopher Kruger
    Brandon Scott Kryk
    Sarah Belle Kuck
    Kaden Alex Kuehl
    Gabriel Robert Kyes
    Bradley William Labuda
    Darrin Zach Laengerer
    Carys Amber Lamb
    Forrest William Lamberton
    Sara Hope Lamkin
    Rachel Patricia Lancellot
    Colin W. Lansdon
    Daniel John Latchford
    Jeremy Ryan Lawrence
    Aayliah Daijah Lee
    Kayla Alexandra Lee
    Mathias Jacob Lehmann
    Aidan Gustavo Leibe
    Haines Becca Leighann
    Darragh Edward Lennon
    Raymond Drew Lewallen
    Sarah Christina Lewis
    Jane Olivia Lignana
    John W. Livingston
    Elizabeth Locke
    Max Matteo Logozzo
    Abigail Taylor Long
    Owen Isaac Looney
    Michael Joseph Lovejoy
    Sydney Isabella Lund
    Lamont Maurice Lusby, Jr
    Sean Matthew Lutz
    Kahlil Jamal Macklin
    Jessica Hope Macleod
    Lilly-Mae Macleod-Mace
    Jacob Benjamin Maddox
    Achyut Yogeswar Maganti
    Kevan Benjamin Mahendran
    Charley Brooke Zoya Mae Maher
    Caleb Martin Maldonado
    Gage Jonathan Manes
    Carsen Edward Manfull
    Austin Mangum
    Ethan William James Marchand
    Kaylie Kathryn Marczak
    Christiane Faith Maronyan
    Jake John Marshall
    Lewis James Marshall
    Kala Marti
    Dawson Gabriel Martie
    Johnathan Robert Martin
    Joshua Dylan Martin
    Mackenzie Anne Martin
    Pietra Agnelli Martinelli
    Julian James Martinez
    Landon E. Massey
    Elias Robert Massie
    Clayton Mast
    Elias Joseph Maté
    Cameron J Matthews
    Sam Oliver Matthews
    Sydney Olivia Matthews
    Bristol Hollings Mattson
    Ryan Matzuka
    Anthony Owen MAYER
    Tyson Jonathan Mccaffrey
    Tyson Jonathan Mccaffrey
    Sterling Bowen Mccaw
    Shawn Robert Mcdavitt
    Leon Patrick Mcdermid
    Jacob Collin Mcdonald
    Madison Eileen Mcdonough
    Claude Strother Mcgilberry
    Quinn Walker Mcginnis
    Jacob William Mcgrath
    Maryann -Lexi- Alexis Mckean
    Anthony Owen Mckenna
    Marshall James Mclennan
    Connor Ellis Mcluckie
    Connor Ellis Mcluckie
    Rhys Robert James Mcmahon
    Sarah Ann Mcmerriman
    Fletcher David Mcneil
    Joseph Patrick Mcpherson
    Joseph Patrick Mcpherson
    Margret Faith Mcswain
    Christina Medina
    Sarah Gwen Mehrhoff
    Rivka Chana Meir
    Alex Steven Douglas Mendoza
    Joshua Edward Mercier-Fehr
    Brandon James Meulebroeck
    Jacob Travis Meyerson
    Jacob Travis Meyerson
    Drake Alexander Michel
    Drake Alexander Michel
    Faith Grace Miles
    Alexyss Jean-Elizabeth Miller
    Dallas Ann Lynn Miller
    Gavin Michael Miller
    Kaleigh Grace Miller
    Megan Rene Miller
    Sara Joy Miller
    Taylor Jean Miller
    Brianna Marie Mills
    Hayley Caitlin Mills
    Elli Mills-Mair
    Logan Charles Minch
    Emmanuel Michael Minja
    Salvador Antonio Miramontes
    Careena Rose Mitchell
    Debwewin Mitchell
    Harold Jennings III Mitchell
    Chloe Olivia Mitchell-Greenfield
    Shawn Douglass Mixdorf
    Maxwell Christopher Mocahbee
    Jonathan Louis Moehl
    Mallory Viola Mohr
    Ryan Edward Mohr
    Ethan James Moloney
    Audrey Aileen Monreal
    Preston Carr Montague
    James John Patrick Moore
    Rowan Hale Moore
    Jack M. Moriarty
    Baby Morrell
    Jacob Alexander Morrison
    Ryan Patrick Morrison
    Spencer Andrew Morton
    Zack Anthony Motbey
    Brandon Chad Motley
    Mary Elizabeth Motts
    Hunter Cole Mozingo
    Ryan Matthew Mudderman
    Samantha J.A. Mulcahy
    Jessica Kate Murphy
    Rachel Elizabeth Murphy
    Aaron Lee Murray
    Aaron Lee Murray
    Brody Glynn Musall
    Kaleigh Marie Myers
    Gabriel Eric Nava
    Alexander Joseph Nazareth
    Drake Andrew Neeley
    Matthew William Neeley
    Cody Ignacio Neil
    Jonathan David Nelles
    Jack Joseph Nelson
    Justin Timothy Nelson
    Nicholas Grigo Nelson
    Owen Isaac Nelson-Looney
    Nguyen Phuc Nguyen
    Jabriel Christopher Nicholson II
    Zachary Roger Nickerson
    Theodore Isaac Nicol
    Brighton James Niebrugge
    Bryceton D. J. Nordin
    Liam Lloyd Nosek
    Kaiya Marie Nuas
    Aaron Josef Oakes
    Matthew Joseph O'Donnell
    Brendan Michael O'Flynn-Mitchell
    Kaden Bradley Oldham
    Gage Richard Ollerenshaw
    Joseph Macgarvey Olson
    Joshua Tobechi Onwubuche
    Gian Matthew Evangelista Ordinario
    Gian Matthew Evangelista Ordinario
    Emadeane Rose Owen
    Corben Hudson Blake Paone
    Jak Thomas Roy Parsons-Forshaw
    Aimée Elizabeth Paul
    Isabella Pavlinac
    Weslee Raymond Paxson
    Jadyn Ryanne Paxton
    Jadyn Ryanne Paxton
    Christian James Payne
    Jack Warren Payne
    Undecided Frederick Payne
    Isaac Connor Pedler
    Christian L Penrod
    Vito Robert Pensavecchia
    Vito Robert Pensavecchia
    Mikaihel Enrique Perez
    Layton Neal Perkins
    Hunter Blake Perry
    Devin Scott Person
    Brandon Daniel Peterson
    Matthew Ryan Peterson
    Anna K. Piasecki
    Bryan Taylor Piazza
    Zachary Lane Pittman
    Darien Daishawn Pitts
    Aiden Derrick Plaisted
    Austin Ford Plank
    Olivia Plymale
    Noah Barney Polacska
    Ethan Thomas Pomaville
    Anthony Michael Pompeo
    Jared Kenneth Pongo
    Jordan Ann Poore
    Johnathen Alexander Porter
    Max Robert Porter
    Joshua T. Portner
    Trey R. Powell
    Joshua D. Prado
    Riley Jane Prochaska
    Cole Robert Pulse
    Benjamin Michael Pytyck
    Mckenna Faith Quast
    Jonathan Luke Rademaker
    Kathryn Victoria Randall
    Christian G. Rapisarda
    Angel M. E. Rawlin
    Madeline Grace Rawson
    Christian Leroy Ray
    Samuel Duncan Raymond
    Mary Gray Reames
    Elliott Arcile Reed
    Colten "CJ" Regier
    Sarah Elizabeth Rehm
    Hannah Alysabeth R.
    Yasmin Reynolds
    Caleb Michael Rhodes
    Anna Riccioluti
    Olivia Raine Richards
    Kailah Ari Rose Richardson
    Ty'Quez Javon Richardson
    Jonah Michol Richer
    Ethan Xavier Ridley
    Alexis Angelynn Riggs
    Andrew Christian Riley
    Charles Ryan Roberts
    Eli E. Roberts
    Lauren Rose Roberts
    Nolan Ray Robertson
    Rhian Ainsley Robilliard
    Blair Geoffrey Robinson
    Ian Riley Robinson
    Wesley Alexander Robinson-Derrick
    Dominic James Rochon
    Evan Benjamin Rockwell
    Brandy Michelle Rogers
    Jacova Bethann Rogers
    Hailey Elizabeth Rogula
    Emma Jean Rollo
    Keyva Marie Roper
    Brayden William Ross
    Kayla Nicole Rubio
    Taylor Austin Runion-Hintzman
    Bennett Rezso Russell
    Jacob Luke Ryan
    Kaylee Ann Rynders
    Unknown S S
    Logan James Samples
    Oscar Sanchez, III
    Elizabeth Marie Sanders
    Louis William Santamore
    Isaac James Santimaw
    Mateo Santos
    Leah Catherine Satelle
    Haley Rose Saunders
    Colten Saylor
    Kaleigh Lynn Schad
    Blake Eaton Schauermann
    "Dee" Scheibly
    Little Dee C Scheibly
    Ben Schiffbauer
    Zane Luke Schluer
    Allison Faith Schmaltz
    Harrison Gregory Schrand
    Madison Lillian Schultz
    Hope Natasha Scott
    Camdyn Gage Seay
    Kolton Grayson Seibert
    Samuel Arthur Seidemann
    Madeline Sentner
    Vincent Alexander Serna
    Parker Daniel Setliff
    Autumn E. Sewell
    Charlie Shaheen
    Nolan Stanton William Sheldon
    Brittany Cathleen Shilts
    Billy S Shipp
    Payton Rose Shoemaker
    Kyle David Simon
    Trent Montgomery Sincavage
    Karan Singh
    Maya Delaney Sisco
    Michael Joseph (MJ) Jospeh Skaggs
    Dylan Palmer Skeer
    Amanda Brianne Slavin
    Nicholas Sean Slavin
    Anthony Bryce Smith
    Cherylynn Renee' Smith
    Damien Smith
    Dylan Joel Smith
    Ethan Paul Smith
    Kaitlyn Nichole Smith
    Aaron Spencer
    Makenzee Edell Spencer
    Makenzee Edell Spencer
    Casey Charles Spiezio
    Unknown Sponsler
    Scott William Spudich
    Joshua Lee Stauring
    Chase Daniel Steiner
    Hailey Elizabeth Steiner
    Marley Jane Steingass
    Hunter Jeffrey Stevens
    Ryan Williams Stevens
    Devon Dean Stevenson
    Alexandra Lize Steyne
    Kaylyn Marie Stiner
    Cody Travis Streetman
    Christopher Strode
    Eli Simon Stukalsky
    Ty Haywood Sudderth
    Hayley Elizabeth Sum
    Emily Ruth Surgis
    Emily Ruth Surgis
    Angel Sutton-Mcclean
    Hannah Elizabeth Svoboda
    Alisha Faith Swartz
    Eli H Sweigart
    Asher James Switzer-Mccoy
    Harry Brian Tabbernal
    Dylan Seyda Tachman
    Chance Mckenna Talamantez
    Jude Marie Cabitingan Tan
    Chloe Elizabeth Tate
    Madelyn Barbara Tatum
    Leslie Nicole Taylor
    Mersayd Margaret Taylor
    Sezel Jade Taysi
    Marco Telesca
    Skyla Manawa Temaipi
    Alexander Joseph Terry
    Alexander Frances Thalmann
    Mia Anne Thiessen
    Luke Joseph Thomas
    Amaiya Annalyce Thompson
    Amaiya Annalyce Thompson
    Jacob Wesley William Thompson
    Jake Andrew Thompson
    Wendy Thompson
    Christa Rizpah Thovson
    Baby Tipton
    Stephen Andrew Tomes
    Jeremy “Shane“ Torrence
    Christopher Michael Toth
    Jesse Christian Toth
    Aiden Zach Scott Towner
    James Garry Townsend
    Nicholas "Baby Nicky" Walter Treska
    Autumn Nicole Turner
    Cade Andrew Turner
    Jose Rupert Luis Twins Baxcajay
    Shelly Ann Underkoffler
    Anastasia Michelle Vallins
    Gavin Robert Vanbrocklin
    Angel M. Vanpuymbroeck
    Mckenna Lynne Varen
    Lucy Sofia Vaz
    Marco Vellutini
    Quinn Michael Verdin
    Colin Joseph Verwiel
    Alexis Nicole Vigo
    James Devin Ritz Vollmer
    Dakota Mae Vosse
    Yanis Wesley Vuillard
    Gabriel Bryson W
    Judy Keona W
    Zoe W
    Aiden Jason Wade
    Wyatt Walker Wagner
    Tegan James Walls
    Joseph Walsh
    Bailey Jaycob Walters
    Amy Josephine Warde
    Zachery Thomas Wasik
    Callum Philip Weber
    Shae Ashley Webster
    James Michael Weires
    Judy K. Wells
    Emma Margaret West
    Matthew Alexander Westpy
    Leanne Renae Wheatley
    Chastity Auron White
    Gunnar Ray White
    Holly Jane White
    Andrew Lee Whitten
    Stephen Lee Will
    Ashton Lee Williams
    Jarrod Allen Williams
    Jack James Willshire
    Macy Marie Wilson
    Lily Angel Winsell
    Michael Tyler Wolfe
    Lachlan Christopher Matthew Wood
    Oscar Steven Wood
    Dorothy Sariah Woods
    Spencer Allan Workman
    Daniel John Wright
    Jaelyn Mariana Sania Wright
    Nathaniel Martin Wubbels
    Zachary Yanofsky
    Isabelle Yap
    Katie Elizabeth Yerger
    Janessa Opal Margaret Young
    Aidan I. O. Yusuf
    Babyboy Z
    Julia Vanessa Zamora
    Julia Cora Zieger
    Aagje Zwart
    Babette Zwart
    Suze Zwart