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Prayers & Quotes for December 14, 2009

Prayers & Quotes for December 14, 2009

If you have a prayer request for a cherub or a family member of a cherub, you can send it to

Please keep the following in your thoughts and prayers:

Cherub Ethan H. is having his reherniation surgery tomorrow, 12/15.
Cherub Addisen C. is having a bone graft surgery today for her cleft lip/palate.
Cherub Adam H.’s brother Aaron is undergoing an endoscopy under anesthesia today to see what the cause of his reflux is after dealing with reflux for 6 years (since he was born) and a variety of treatments. Tissue samples will be taken for a biopsy.
Newborn cherub Chase K. is having a Gtube surgery today. Hopefully, if all goes well this week, he should be home for Christmas!
Newborn cherub Mia M. is set to be discharged this Wednesday!
Newborn cherub Averi G. arrived 11/30. She is on ECMO and did have her repair while on ECMO. Prayers she continues moving in the right direction with her healing and being weaned from ECMO.
Newborn cherub Briana H. is off ECMO and expected to have her repair surgery sometime this week, if she remains stable.
Angel cherub Ireland B.’s brother Tristan broke/fractured his arm in wrestling between his elbow and shoulder. Need prayers the break will heal nicely over the next 6 months and he is not in too much pain.
Cherub Caroline K. is having lung issues.
Cherub Ruby S. needs help with eating without using her NG tube. She took 16 oz. by mouth yesterday, the most she has taken!! Keep going Ruby!!
Cherub Nicole T. needs prayers for she is facing a surgery next year to have rods inserted to help with her scoliosis.
Cherub Carter A. had his PICC line removed that was being used to treat his staph infection. He has started seeing his therapists at home to help with PT, OT and ST.
Newborn cherub Lewis B. is now on nasal cannulas. He is having issues with fluid buildup and has had to have his chest drained a couple of times. Mom got to get him dressed for the first time last week!
Newborn cherub Joshua L. no longer has any IV’s. He still is on oxygen and an NG tube. He is working on bottle feeding.
Cherub Adam H.’s grandma has recently been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. On Christmas Eve she will have a complete mastectomy of the cancerous breast.
Cherub Dylan J. is recovering from his reherniation surgery repair.
Newborn cherub Zoe L. is working on feeds and gaining weight. She is also working on being weaned down on her oxygen. Zoe’s twin sister Sadie L. has been home over a week now and doing well.
Cherub Isabel H. had strabismus surgery last week. Prayers her eyes heal nicely.
Newborn cherub Savannah S. is still in the hospital, working on getting to low flow nasal cannulas and working on feeds. A gtube may be needed.
Angel cherub Jeremiah D.’s mom Sarah is expecting a new baby in January/early Feb. and is also planning Jeremiah’s anniversary in January. Please pray that Jeremiah’s pictures are returned, for she had some of her belongings stolen recently that included pictures of Jeremiah.
We received a prayer thank you/praise report from cherub member, Amy.... "My Cherub, Finley, had his G-tube removed yesterday. By the grace of God, Finn has defied all odds. We were told he would NEVER make it to full-term, they had to induce me to get him out. We were told he’d probably require ECMO due to the severity of his condition and he did nothing BUT improve from the moment he was born. From the Low Point of my entire existence when I was told there was a 50% chance I’d bring my child home (at 30 weeks pregnant…no one saw ANYTHING prior) to the moment when our GI took his G-Tube out, I can offer nothing but thanks for my child’s health, because I KNOW this could have turned out so differently."
To all our families and friends that are fighting against the flu, colds, sickness…may you feel better soon and have no complications.

Cherubs on Their Way:

Cherub Jeremiah M., due 3/30
Cherub baby boy Ruben, due 2/24
Cherub Jaden M., due at the beginning of the new year.
All families expecting a baby with CDH, may you have continued hope and strength for the journey that lies ahead.

Newly Grieving Families:

To all families affected by CDH and the loss of their precious child, may continued peace and comfort surround them.

From angel cherub Connie E.’s mom Claire: prayers for the grieving parents who are facing their 1sts this Christmas and coming year, including Claire.

Today’s Quotes:

“Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point A to point B, but inventing some imaginary letters along the way.” -Douglas Pagels

“Never get tired doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” -Author Unknown

“Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don’t want it. What appears bad manners, an ill temper or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.” -Miller Williams

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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