Sunday, August 30, 2009

CDH Fundraisers

Lots of different fundraisers for CDH going on.... how many groups are doing "Change for CDH" around Halloween like the Trick-or-Treat for CDH stuff we've posted for years and the "Change for CDH" we posted about 2 months ago?
And how many... groups are now doing totebags for the same CDH families?
How do we collaborate it all instead of needless competition?
That's a lot of the same services and ideas being done when we need so many other things for CDH families that aren't already being done.

Ideas? Suggestions?

The whole CDH community should be working as a team to provide the absolutely best and most original and different services for CDH families by using original and different ideas and fundraisers and sponsors.

There can never be enough CDH awareness, research or support for the half million families affected since 2000.

Some of the services, fundraisers and events offered -

Ideas? Suggestions? Please e-mail or PM any more suggestions that you think will help CDH families!!!! But please remember that, out of respect and professionalism:

- CHERUBS does not use ideas already done by other groups
- CHERUBS does not infringe on copyrights and follows (supplemental) trademark laws
- CHERUBS does not contact other groups' sponsors, donors or spokespeople
- CHERUBS does not conduct the same fundraisers as other groups
- CHERUBS does not like to waste money offering the same services other groups are already offering
- CHERUBS has no paid employees
- CHERUBS professional services are all pro-bono (lawyers, medical advisers, web design, etc)
- CHERUBS does not receive grant funding
- CHERUBS will not use ribbons or colors used by other causes
- CHERUBS always offers original ideas and services that will benefit CDH parents
- CHERUBS does not compete over members
- CHERUBS makes every service, donation and purchase public for full disclosure of what we do and where donations go

And most importantly... CHERUBS remains ethical and works first and foremost with the entire CDH community and these babies at heart. We are not a "business", we are a charity. We do not participate, nor are we interested in, competition. Our focus is these children affected by CDH.

That said, we LOVE new ideas!!!!! But please respect other organizations, groups and causes as well. Our goal has always been for the entire CDH community to work together, with one focus.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vote For CDH Awareness in Facebook "Vote for a Cause" Contest Please!

We are asking EVERYONE on Facebook to please vote for CHERUBS to win this $50,000 marketing grant to raise awareness of CDH!!!!!
For those of you on Facebook, please go to:

Just search CDH or CHERUBS and there we are!

Please post on your profile and ask your FB friends to participate. There are not a whole lot of charities in this contest so if we all band together to get votes there is a great chance we'll win!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CHERUBS New Volunteering Process

CHERUBS Advisory Committee has been working hard to come up with new paperwork to help prevent any more incidents and to protect the organization. Plus, it’s been about 10 years since we updated any of the paperwork so it was well overdue! When you have state and federal laws to follow and over 3000 people in our membership – we really needed more guidelines than our old short little 1 page list that too many found loopholes to abuse. The new rules will protect the organization and all of us personally. It was long, long overdue! The new documents are more detailed so everyone will be more on the same page.

We have a new set up and new paperwork and are starting over from scratch - that means all current volunteers are re-volunteering and new volunteers are filling out paperwork also. And we have A LOT of positions to fill!

You can go here for directions and information:

We would really like to have 2 State & International Representatives (1 survivor, 1 non-survivor) for every state and country in our membership, all the committees filled and all the committees with leaders. Imagine all the incredible things we could do if we can do that! How wonderful it would be to have Reps in every state so that when a new family is diagnosed they have someone local to call who knows of other parents in their area.

Or if all of our committees were actively led and churning out 1 great service after another. CDH doesn't stand a chance against a group of busy and determined moms and dads standing together to help each other and fight this horrible birth defect and all it's effects on our children and families!

So please, each of you, take a look to see what each position does and let us know what we can sign you up for!!! Smile

5 Easy Steps To Volunteer!

1. Read over the Volunteer Roles to see what each position does.

2. Read over the Volunteer Checklist to see if you're ready to work directly with other CDH parents or in another capacity.

3. E-mail us at and give us the following information:

* Your Name
* Your Address
* Your Phone Number
* Your E-mail Address
* Your Cherub's Name and Date(s)
* Which volunteer positions would you like to volunteer for?

4. Read, print, sign and mail the following 3 documents back to our home office at

CHERUBS, 3650 Rogers Rd #290,
Wake Forest, NC 27587

* Volunteer Rules -
* Confidentiality Agreement -
* Conflict of Interest Agreement -

5. We'll contact you shortly! Thank you for volunteering to help CHERUBS help families affected by CDH!

Press Release: Local CDH Angel Ball Needs A Real-Life Angel

August 27, 2009

Press Release:

CHERUBS, a local charity based here in the Triangle for almost 15 years is the world's oldest and largest organization for families affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). CDH is a devastating birth defect that occurs when the diaphragm fails to fully form, allowing abdominal organs in the chest cavity and preventing lung growth. It is a fairly common birth defect, affecting 1 in every 2500 babies. 50% of babies born with CDH do not survive. Those that do survive often endure long hospital stays. The cause of CDH is not known.

"It's practically impossible to raise funds for a cause that almost no one's ever heard of" says President, Dawn Williamson who has been volunteering for CHERUBS since she founded it in 1995. "CDH is as common as Cystic Fibrosis and Spina Bifida and yet, we have no National Telethon, no Celebrity Spokesperson and unless you've been personally affected by you, you've probably never heard of it before now". Over a half million babies have been affected by CDH since 2000 - a half million babies! That's a horrendous number and the world needs to know this is happening so that more focus is put on research. But because the public has no idea what CDH is, asking for donations for it more often than not gets us odd looks rather than funds. And in this economy, it has made it even harder"

CHERUBS is an international organization that supports families, providing dozens of services that no other organization offers. With 3000 members and a shoe-string budget of only about $15,000 CHERUBS is run on a wing and prayer.

The Angel Ball began last year as a way to raise local awareness of CDH and raise money to fund the organization's services. It went beautifully last year with the community chipping in services such as event planning, auction services, food, photography and floral arrangements. Men arrived in tuxedos and women in white gowns, many wearing their wedding dresses again for the event. A local band and radio DJ were on hand to bring music and fun to the formal event as well. The organization raised $6000 dollars in it's first year through ticket sales, auction and raffle items. The response was so positive that already the event's web site is being inundated with ticket requests for this year's event. CHERUBS was expecting approximately 200 attendees at this year's event.

"We were hoping that we could raise $25,000 this year. We have had a lot of interest in ticket sales, just none in sponsorships. With our donations so low this year because of the economy, our hopes were that the Angel Ball would something that we could count on annually to help these families all year long. It's devastating and frustrating that we may have to cancel this event but without the $10,000 in sponsorship money that our event planners are requiring for event costs, we will have to cancel. At this point, the Angel Ball needs an angel to make it happen."

For more information on the Angel Ball you can visit the event's site at


Dawn Williamson
3650 Rogers Rd #290, Wake Forest, NC 27587

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 New CDH Bills In Congress - We Need Your Help!

We've spent a great deal of time at CHERUBS talking to our lawyers this week and also we Advisors have been very, very busy for over 2 months now.

We have 2 projects that we'd like your help with:

1. A Congressional bill for CDH Research funds (

2. A Congressional bill making it unlawful for anyone to own a trademark on awareness of a health or social issue (

CDH Research is obviously needed and we've been talking about this for a while... I believe it was first bought up years and years ago here at CHERUBS. Time to get moving on that!

The anti-trademark bill would be called "Cherubs Law" for ALL babies affected by CDH. It would not only stop this trademark on CDH dead in it's tracks but it would protect all diseases, birth defects, issues, etc from ever having anyone try to own and profit off of awareness again. This would also save 2 years of legal work by our (pro bono) lawyers and the other party's legal bills - and put more focus by all groups involved where it should be instead of fighting this ridiculous trademark - helping families affected by CDH. But FYI - the trademark legal battle will wage on until "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness" is free to use and raise by anyone.

Both bills are PRO-ACTIVE ways to help CDH families and babies NOW. They are positive steps to major CDH research and to keep all awareness free. Sure, we could write other pieces of paper or raise some research money ourselves - but CDH affects 1000's of a babies every year - we can't wait any longer on abstract awareness bringing research money down the road possibly. Maybe. Some day. CDH needs research now and at CHERUBS we're already doing that research ourselves in the form of our studies and we're promoting the research of hospitals. But wouldn't it be wonderful if the government gave those researchers millions to research CDH right now?

Both bills will be a cinch to pass in Congress - how could they vote no to either? We just have to get them to Congress.

This is where we need your help. We need a Congressman / Congresswoman to submit the bill. With 3000 members, surely one of you has some Congressional connections that would greatly benefit the CDH community and these babies.

If any of you have connections to Washington, please contact me at

Friday, August 14, 2009

International Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Study Group Participating Hospitals

CHERUBS is proud to work with the hospitals participating in the International CDH Study Group and to share our research database findings so that together we can help find the cause, prevention and best treatments for CDH. Thank you to Drs. Kevin and Pam Lally for all of their support of CHERUBS and for all their dedication to families affected by CDH.

ACDHO Members
CHERUBS 2009 Conference ACDHO Attendees
Dr. Daryl Scott (Baylor CDH Study), Dr. Kevin Lally, Dr. Pam Lally (CDH Study Group), Danielle Kessner (CHERUBS Australia), Brenda Lane (CHERUBS UK), Michelle Brown (Little Lambs), Kim Richards (Olivia Raine Foundation) and Dawn Williamson (CHERUBS). Not in the photograph but also in attendence were Dr. Meaghan Russell and Dr. Mauro Longoni (Boston CDH Study)

CHERUBS at the APSA Meeting
CHERUBS at the 2009 American Pediatric Surgical Association Conference in Puerto Rico
Brenda Slavin, Dawn Williamson and Barbara Wagner

The following hospitals see many cases of CDH a year and participate in research with the International CDH Study Group. They do not respresent all hospital that work with CDH patients. This list should not be used to chose a particular hospital for your cherub.

  • Sydney Children’s Hospital - Randwick NWS Australia
  • Royal Children’s Hospital - Parkville Victoria Australia
  • University Hospital Gasthuisberg - B-3000 Leuven Belgium
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital - Edmonton Alberta Canada
  • The Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto Ontario Canada
  • Universitatsklinikum Manneheim gGmbH - Mannheim Germany
  • Freie Universitat Berlin - Berlin Germany
  • Salesi Children’s Hospital - Ancona Italy
  • Ospedali Pediatrico Bambino Gesu - Rome Italy
  • Ospedali Riuniti Bergamo - Bergamo Italy
  • National Center of Child Health and Development - Tokyo Japan
  • Central Hospital Aichi Prefectural Colony - Kasugai Aichi Japan
  • Osaka Medical Center for Maternal and Child Health - Izuki Osaka Japan
  • Osaka University Graduate School of Medicin - Suita Osaka Japan
  • Royal Hospital for Sick Children - Glasgow Yorkhill Scotland
  • Astrid Lindgren - Stockholm Sweden
  • Sophia Children’s Hospital - Rotterdam The Netherlands
  • Children’s Hospital of Alabama - Birmingham AL United States
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center - Phoenix AZ United States
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital - Phoenix AZ United States
  • Cedars Sinai Medical Center - Los Angeles CA United States
  • San Diego Children’s Hospital - San Diego CA United States
  • University of California San Diego - San Diego CA United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles - Los Angeles CA United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Oakland - Oakland CA United States
  • Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital - Loma Linda CA United States
  • Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital - Pal Alto CA United States
  • Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA - Los Angeles CA United States
  • Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital - New Haven CT United States
  • Children’s National Medical Center - Washington DC United States
  • Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women & Children - Orlando FL United States
  • Shands Children’s Hospital/University of Florida - Gainesville FL United States
  • Emory University - Atlanta GA United States
  • Medical College of Georgia - Augusta GA United States
  • University of Chicago - Chicago IL United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Illinois - Peoria IL United States
  • Lutheran General Hospital - Park Ridge IL United States
  • Rockford Memorial Children’s Hospital - Rockford IL United States
  • James Whitcomb Riley Children’s Hospital - Indianapolis IN United States
  • Children’s Mercy Hospital - Overland Park KS United States
  • University of Kentucky Medical Center - Lexington KY United States
  • Kosair Children’s Hospital - Louisville KY United States
  • Tulane University Hospital - New Orleans LA United States
  • Children’s Hospital Boston - Boston MA United States
  • Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston MA United States
  • University of Michigan Medical Center - Ann Arbor MI United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan - Detroit MI United States
  • DeVos Children’s Hospital - Grand Rapids MI United States
  • St. Paul Campus Children’s Minneapolis - Minneapolis MN United States
  • Children’s Hospital ofMinneapolis - Minneapolis MN United States
  • Mayo Clinic - Rochester MN United States
  • Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital - St. Louis MO United States
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital - St. Louis MO United States
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center - Jackson MS United States
  • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill NC United States
  • Children’s Hospital at Carolinas Medical Center - Charlotte NC United States
  • Duke University Medical Center - Durham NC United States
  • North Carolina Baptist Hospital - Winston-Salem NC United States
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center - Omaha NE United States
  • University of New Mexico Medical Center - Albuquerque NM United States
  • Strong Children’s Hospital - Rochester NY United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Buffalo - Buffalo NY United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Akron - Akron OH United States
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center - Cincinnati OH United States
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation – Children’s Hospital - Cleveland OH United States
  • Columbus Children’s Hospital - Columbus OH United States
  • Miami Valley Hospital - Dayton OH United States
  • Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital - Cleveland OH United States
  • St. Francis Children’s Hospital - Tulsa OK United States
  • Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital - Portalnd OR United States
  • St. Christoper’s Children’s Hospital - Philadelphia PA United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Philadelopha PA United States
  • Hershey Medical Center - Hershey PA United States
  • University of Puerto Rico Medical Center - San Juan Puerto Rico United States
  • Hasbro Children’s Hospital - Privdence RI United States
  • Medical University of South Carolina - Charleston SC United States
  • T.C. Thompson Hospital - Chattanooga TN United States
  • Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital - Nashville TN United States
  • Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital - San Antonio TX United States
  • Texas Children’s Hospital - Houston TX United States
  • University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston - Galveston TX United States
  • Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center - Lackland AFB TX United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Austin - Austin TX United States
  • Cook Children’s Medical Center - Ft. Worth TX United States
  • Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital - Houston TX United States
  • Primary Children’s Hospital - Salt Lake City UT United States
  • University of Virginia Health System - Charlottesville VA United States
  • Medical College of Virginia - Richmond VA United States
  • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin - Milwaukee WI United States

(thank you to Mandy Sroka for typing up this list for us!)

Interested in our Adopt A Hospital Program? Please let us know!

2008 CDH Conference by speakers Meaghann Russell, MPH and Mauro
Longoni, MD (MassGeneral CDH Clinic, Boston, MA) speech on CDH and
Click here for the rest of the lecture series

Dr. Priscilla Chiu's (Sick Childrens, Toronto, Canada) speech on The Surgical Repair of CDH
Click here for the rest of the lecture series

Brenda Slavin's (National Children's) speech on "Intensive Care Unit and Nursing Care"
Click here for the rest of the lecture series

The Alliance of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Organizations

CHERUBS is proud to be a member of the Alliance of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Organizations

Thursday, August 13, 2009

CHERUBS Forums & Site

Logging Onto CHERUBS CDH Forums

We had someone helping to get new members registered and well, it's a mess. I've spent the last month trying to sort through and trying to make sure everyone can get onto the site and that all members have their usernames and password. We want ALL members to be able to log in! If you're having trouble getting into the forums, please e-mail us at and please include your name and your cherubs name. We will get back to ASAP with your login information. If you haven't registered (it's FREE at CHERUBS!), you can register here -

New Registration Agreement

We've been working on this list for over a month and finally it's done! Our forum software came with a very basic registration agreement that we thought would serve to keep all members behaving maturely and respectfully. But alas, we had to resort back to our old listserv rules and update them for our new forums. They do not include trademarks or copyrights or CHERUBS trying to control or own anything and they aren't full of legal mumbo jumbo protecting the rights of a "Company". They are simply about everyone behaving and treating each other with respect and keeping our forums a safe, positive place for CDH families. The rules are still easy to follow and written for everyone's safety and privacy.
You can read them here -

All new members must agree to them before registering at CHERUBS and all old members must agree to them before logging into our forums.


Below are just a few of the post topics in the last 2 weeks! CHERUBS has A LOT of information and support for families dealing with CDH - for ALL families dealing with CDH. clothes advice -

Cherubs On Their Way - Please keep them in your prayers -
Please welcome the following new members! -

Help & Advice Needed for New Baby Book / Reference Guide -
CHERUBS "Adopt A Hospital" Program -

Our Up-Coming CDH genetic study day (10-09-2009 Cleveland,) -

Prayers for Jo and bub -

If you're pregnant and you know right here! -

Need your pray -
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15 Very Easy Ways That You Can Help CDH Families! -

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I need quilters, knitters and crocheters!! -

Need Project Name Suggestions! :) -
CDH Awareness Ribbon Buttons -

5K questions any input welcome!! -

CHERUBS & "The Jammies" working together on CDH song! -

CHERUB Kamryn is in the news!! -

San Antonio 2009 -

Who is attending the 2009 San Antonio Conference? -

Can You Donate Any Of These Items To CDH Families? -
CHERUBS Web Page Header Photos -

CDH Awareness Ribbon Buttons!!!! 18 cents each! -

Lyla Nicole Rubio -

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Results from Baer's GI study ~ Need lots of help! -

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Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy -

Great new CDH Educational Videos -

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Proof that things happen for a reason ... -

Use of Viagra for CDH babies -

Prevacid for reflux -

CDH Celebrity Spokesperson - Bruno Carneiro -

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feeding clinic appointment-HELP! -

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Website -

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About our cherub. -

Fresh start~!!! -

How to parent the non-cherub -

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wanting another baby after having a CDH baby -

Does CHERUBS have address labels?? -

We Would Like To Welcome New Members

CHERUBS would like to welcome the families of the following cherubs who have joined our membership since May:

Edyn Grace Allinson
Sofia Yvonne Alvarado-Ruiz
Teresa Aragon
Austin Badgley
Anthony Joseph Barbieri
Aneska Bothma
Sunshine Boyd
Riley Owen Brewer
Finley George Burriss
Keira Isabella Caudle
Rhyan Andrew Charles
Baby Chaudhari
Baby Clarkson
Kasey James Colvin
Ashwini Crasto
Charlie D'angelo
Baby DePape
Antony John Didone
Matthew Frank Doerscheln
Floyd Edward Dubois
Robert Lee Dumford
Keane Christian Edwards
Nora El-Gamel
Garrett Lee Ewers
Bailey Matthew Ezernack
Travis Lee Fenn
Baby boy Ferraro
Samuel Finzer
John "Keoni" Nicholas Gonzalez-Rivera
Aidan Dominic Hartley
Brayden Jay Hawkes
Quincy Thomas Haynes
Shelby Hildreth
Alex Hoang
Andrew Hobbs
Julia M Hoffman
Megan Honeycutt
Breanna Hosmer
Sylvia Houselog
Gabriel Aden Xavier Jackson
Richard Keith Johnson
Mohamed Ibrahim Kalmoush
Chase Leroy Kelly
Dallas Aiden Kislow
Ryan Connor Krafft
Leslie Nicole Lafon
Cali Summer Lizarraga
Dustin R Lockett
Lozano Lozano
Joshua Alonzo Lozano
Kiyari Juliet Manriquez
Armida Marqez
Jake John Marshall
Aniyah Renee Martinez
Mia James Mccabe
Lewis Moore
Aaron Lee Murray
James Thomas Naifeh
Cody Ignacio Neil
Nguyen Phuc Nguyen
Kaden Bradley Oldham
Jak Thomas roy Parsons-forshaw
Savanna Rai Payne
Barnaby George Peters
Christian LeRoy Ray
Kalliope Reynolds
Anna Riccioluti
Baby Richard
Bryce Robinson
Children Scott
Baby Serna
Chandler Reid Shannon
Baby Sharp
Madelyn Lilyanne Simonton
Michael Jospeh Skaggs
Scarlette Jayden Skrove
Dakota Marie Tenney
None Thanh Tam
Bailey Jaycob Walters
Nevaeh Nicole Weaver Johnson
Maddox Malakai White
Carlos Mikaere Wilkie
Allie Kathryn Wilson
Caleb Presley Winchester
Lily Angel Winsell
Zoey Anne Wood
Spencer Allan Workman
Noah William Workman
Jacob Thomas Zimmerman

+ 25 other cherubs whose parents chose to not publish their names

Please keep all of these families in your prayers!

Cherubs On Their Way - Please keep these families in your prayers

The following cherubs will grace us with their presence soon:

Edyn Grace Allinson
Ireland Rose B.
Alex Jayden Baker
Sunshine Boyd
Christan L Brownfield
Baby Clarkson
Baby DePape
Matthew Frank Doerscheln
Floyd Edward Dubois
Robert Lee Dumford
Andrew Hobbs
Gabriel Aden Xavier Jackson
Findlay Lucas Jordan
Chase Leroy Kelly
Grady Thomas King
Leslie Nicole Lafon
Joshua Alonzo Lozano
Dawson Gabriel Martie
Mia James Mccabe
Jonathan Louis Moehl
Baby Reynolds
Baby Richard
Baby Serna
Scarlette Jayden Skrove
Nevaeh Nicole Weaver Johnson
Zoey Anne Wood
Noah William Workman

+ 10 more whose parents chose not to publish their names

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New CDH Awareness Kit

Help raise awareness of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia with these great new CDH Awareness Kits! These would make great gifts for family or friends!

Bracelet Color Options
Name & Address to mail to?

For $25.00, each kit comes with:

1 CDH Awareness Ribbon Totebag - valued at $15.99
20 CDH Awareness Ribbon Buttons - valued at $7.99
10 CDH Awareness Bracelets - valued at $30.00
1 CDH Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet - valued at $7.99
10 CHERUBS Brochures & 1 Parent Reference Guide - priceless. :)

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Ribbon Totebag

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Bracelets (specify blue or pink)

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Ribbon Buttons

Our kits will sell for $25.00 each and or fight batch will be mailed out on September 15th so get your orders in now!

Proceeds from these kits will go to help our CHERUBS HOPE totebag fund to help new and expectant parents of babies born with CDH.

Bracelet Color Options
Name & Address to mail to?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

While You're Out School Shopping...

Please consider picking up some items to donate for our CHERUBS HOPE totebags for CDH parents.

Right now a lot of the office supplies stores have great sales on 1.5" view pocket white binders - we will be using them for our CDH Baby Books and need 250 of them for the next year. Some of the stores have HUGE discounts and buy 2, get 1 free deals. They have limits on how many yone person can purchase and we could really use help getting these!

Also, we are putting in the totebags small Kleenex packages, pens, 3 ring photo sheets and small bottles of hand-santizer and lotion - these are also sold at office supply and school supply stores.

Any donation helps!!! And it is tax-deductible

Monday, August 10, 2009

Angel Ball Baskets

Our annual Angel Ball will be held on October 30th in Durham, NC. We encourage all of you to come and attend. Money raised for CHERUBS will go to our CDH Family Support Fund.

(photo by Melody McBride)

We need baskets and other items for our silent auction! We encourage members to donate baskets in honor or in memory of their cherubs. Last year we had dozens of baskets in many different themes. This year we hope to have over 50 baskets. Here are a few ideas of basket themes....

Disney - antique Disney pieces, gift certificate to the Disney Store, or even tickets to Disney if you can afford to donate them

Noah's Ark - tickets to the Asheboro zoo, books on animals, "adopt" a zoo animal

Stars & Moons - buy a star, books on constellations, telescope, gift certificate to the UNC Planetarium

Butterflies - gift certificates to our local butterfly house. Also books on butterflies, maybe jewelry or ornaments of butterflies.

Dragonflies - books, photos, jewelry, ornaments, the movie Dragonfly on DVD

Sports - Duke, NC State and UNC baskets would be great items here in the Triangle! So would a Carolina Hurricanes basket for hockey fans or Durham Bulls or Carolina Mudcats basket for baseball.

Garden basket - seeds, gloves, small tools, bulbs, plant vitamins, book on gardening

Electronics - cell phone, ipod, chargers, etc... lots of electronics stores are franchises with local owners who will be more likely to donate

Games - big basket full of the traditional board games.. Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, etc

Photography Theme - you could include a digital camera, memory card, gift certificate to have prints made, picture frames, photo album, etc

We are also looking for celebrity autographed items to auction off. If you can help us to contact celebrities or can donate items, please contact us.

(photo by Melody McBride)

Below are some of the items donated for our 2008 Angel Ball:

Australia Basket
donated by members of CHERUBS Australia

Avon Basket

donated by Barbara Wagner in honor of Logan Wagner

Scrapbooking Basket
donated by Barbara Wagner in honor of Logan Wagner

Beach Basket
donated by Shane & Stephanie Olivarez in honor of Shelby Olivarez

Baby Phat Basket
donated by Judi Toth in memory of Christopher Toth
(photo by Emory Lane Photography)

Dr. Seuss Basket
donated by Steve and Amy Miles in memory of Faith Miles
(photo by Leah Bowman Photography)

Stress Relief Basket
donated by Judi Toth in memory of Christopher Toth

Willow Tree Basket
donated by Steve & Amy Miles in memory of Faith Miles

Victorian Basket
donated by Judi Toth in memory of Christopher Toth

South Carolina Basket
donated by Lynne Brogdon in honor of Baer Brogdon

Red Sox Basket
donated by Nate & Corin Nava in memory of Gabriel Nava
(photo by Leah Bowman Photography)

Italian Basket
donated by Judi Toth in memory of Christopher Toth

Chesapeake Bay Basket
donated by Judi Toth in memory of Christopher Toth

Arbonne Basket
Donated by Barbara Wagner, in honor of Logan Wagner

donated by Kate Crawford in memory of Shannon Crawford

Autographed Jeff Foxworthy Book
Donated by Dawn Williamson in memory of Shane Torrence

Olympics Edition Ray Ban Sunglasses
Donated by Dawn Williamson in memory of Shane Torrence

Green Bay Packers Donation

Dean Koontz Donation

Hyatt New York Donation

Carolina Panthers Autographed Donation

(photo by Emory Lane Photography)

(photo by Emory Lane Photography)

(photo by Flashbacks by Red)

(photo by Flashbacks by Red)

(photo by Flashbacks by Red)

(photo by Flashbacks by Red)

(photo by Flashbacks by Red)

(photo by Flashbacks by Red)

(photo by Leah Bowman Photography)

(photo by Leah Bowman Photography)

(photo by Leah Bowman Photography)

(photo by Emory Lane Photography)