Sunday, August 30, 2009

CDH Fundraisers

Lots of different fundraisers for CDH going on.... how many groups are doing "Change for CDH" around Halloween like the Trick-or-Treat for CDH stuff we've posted for years and the "Change for CDH" we posted about 2 months ago?
And how many... groups are now doing totebags for the same CDH families?
How do we collaborate it all instead of needless competition?
That's a lot of the same services and ideas being done when we need so many other things for CDH families that aren't already being done.

Ideas? Suggestions?

The whole CDH community should be working as a team to provide the absolutely best and most original and different services for CDH families by using original and different ideas and fundraisers and sponsors.

There can never be enough CDH awareness, research or support for the half million families affected since 2000.

Some of the services, fundraisers and events offered -

Ideas? Suggestions? Please e-mail or PM any more suggestions that you think will help CDH families!!!! But please remember that, out of respect and professionalism:

- CHERUBS does not use ideas already done by other groups
- CHERUBS does not infringe on copyrights and follows (supplemental) trademark laws
- CHERUBS does not contact other groups' sponsors, donors or spokespeople
- CHERUBS does not conduct the same fundraisers as other groups
- CHERUBS does not like to waste money offering the same services other groups are already offering
- CHERUBS has no paid employees
- CHERUBS professional services are all pro-bono (lawyers, medical advisers, web design, etc)
- CHERUBS does not receive grant funding
- CHERUBS will not use ribbons or colors used by other causes
- CHERUBS always offers original ideas and services that will benefit CDH parents
- CHERUBS does not compete over members
- CHERUBS makes every service, donation and purchase public for full disclosure of what we do and where donations go

And most importantly... CHERUBS remains ethical and works first and foremost with the entire CDH community and these babies at heart. We are not a "business", we are a charity. We do not participate, nor are we interested in, competition. Our focus is these children affected by CDH.

That said, we LOVE new ideas!!!!! But please respect other organizations, groups and causes as well. Our goal has always been for the entire CDH community to work together, with one focus.

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