Thursday, August 27, 2009

CHERUBS New Volunteering Process

CHERUBS Advisory Committee has been working hard to come up with new paperwork to help prevent any more incidents and to protect the organization. Plus, it’s been about 10 years since we updated any of the paperwork so it was well overdue! When you have state and federal laws to follow and over 3000 people in our membership – we really needed more guidelines than our old short little 1 page list that too many found loopholes to abuse. The new rules will protect the organization and all of us personally. It was long, long overdue! The new documents are more detailed so everyone will be more on the same page.

We have a new set up and new paperwork and are starting over from scratch - that means all current volunteers are re-volunteering and new volunteers are filling out paperwork also. And we have A LOT of positions to fill!

You can go here for directions and information:

We would really like to have 2 State & International Representatives (1 survivor, 1 non-survivor) for every state and country in our membership, all the committees filled and all the committees with leaders. Imagine all the incredible things we could do if we can do that! How wonderful it would be to have Reps in every state so that when a new family is diagnosed they have someone local to call who knows of other parents in their area.

Or if all of our committees were actively led and churning out 1 great service after another. CDH doesn't stand a chance against a group of busy and determined moms and dads standing together to help each other and fight this horrible birth defect and all it's effects on our children and families!

So please, each of you, take a look to see what each position does and let us know what we can sign you up for!!! Smile

5 Easy Steps To Volunteer!

1. Read over the Volunteer Roles to see what each position does.

2. Read over the Volunteer Checklist to see if you're ready to work directly with other CDH parents or in another capacity.

3. E-mail us at and give us the following information:

* Your Name
* Your Address
* Your Phone Number
* Your E-mail Address
* Your Cherub's Name and Date(s)
* Which volunteer positions would you like to volunteer for?

4. Read, print, sign and mail the following 3 documents back to our home office at

CHERUBS, 3650 Rogers Rd #290,
Wake Forest, NC 27587

* Volunteer Rules -
* Confidentiality Agreement -
* Conflict of Interest Agreement -

5. We'll contact you shortly! Thank you for volunteering to help CHERUBS help families affected by CDH!

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