Thursday, October 30, 2008

CHERUBS Name & Logos

CHERUBS Logo in 1999:

CHERUBS name was one that was easy to decide on. Baby angels.... named for all the children lost to CDH. Not cherub, as in one child, but cherubs for ALL the children born with CDH. My son was still alive when CHERUBS was created, it was named for Preston and Andrea - the 2 other CDH babies in the hospital that year that didn't survive. CHERUBS was founded to be a support organization, not a foundation, so it was very important to have a name that included all of our children.

CHERUBS was an original name. At the time there were no other organizations with the same name that dealt with birth defects. We were very insistent on not following others foots steps or riding on other's coattails.... we wanted to be independent and this made it harder for us to pave our own way but we are proud that we did. CHERUBS wouldn't be who we are if we were to use a name or slogan similar to anyone else.

50% of children diagnosed with CDH still do not survive. This takes into account ALL babies diagnosed - not just those whose parents chose to continue with the pregnancy and those babies that survived transport to larger medical centers. This statistic includes those who are stillborn, those that are miscarried, terminated, or die before care can be given. This statistic includes those who live minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years but who pass away from CDH or related CDH issues. 50%. Of the 1600 babies born with CDH each year, 800 will not survive. The cause is still not known.

CHERUBS is named for them... for all CDH babies, survivors and non-survivors - with or without wings. Cherubs.... baby angels. Miraculous children. Children with wings and halos and hope. Our logo reflects that.... a group of child angels. Supporting each other. Older survivors. Newborns.

Our colors are all colors of the rainbow.... pastels and bright colors. No trendy logo colors. No logo dedicated to one child or a symbol of one child. All colors, all ages, all children, all CDH families represented.

The word CHERUBS is in a font that is reminiscent of balloons... both for celebrating life and for those who didn't survive (as grieving parents often send balloons to heaven for our children).

Through the years, our logos grew...

We added logos to include medical professionals.

We added research logos to better explain Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

We added fundraising event logos.

And logos for our Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia conferences.

We even added holiday logos.

These cherubs represent our real life cherubs, with over 100 different logo characters. These images and logos have been seen around the world. On shirts worn by our members in 38 countries. At conferences. In magazines. In newspapers. On television. On 1000's of web sites.

The word "cherubs" has become synonimous with CDH kids. CDH kids have even been called "cherubs" in the media, in the printed materials of hospitals, and even at medical conferences. If there was ever a "branding" of a corporate name with CDH, it has become "cherubs". And it suits. Because they are all little angels...... cherubs.

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