Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CDH Awareness Phone Tree

Dear Members and Friends,

Today, we are starting a phone tree to raise CDH Awareness and votes and we invite all of you to participate to help these babies!  It will take just a few minutes to type up and send through text to your phone contact list.   We hope this phone tree will reach 1000's of people daily!  

Don't text?  You can join in just by simply forwarding this e-mail!  :)

Please send this daily (and don't forget to vote too!):

Please vote for CHERUBS to help babies born with CDH like __(your cherub's name here).   They have 5 projects that could help 1000's of babies. Please vote and forward.  It only takes a few minutes to vote.  Text message 102542 send to 73774 (pepsi) for project #1.  #2 text 102365 to 73774, #3. text 101211 to 73774, #4. text 101202 to 73774, #5. text 102123 to 73774.  Or vote at http://www.voteforcdh.org/. ; Thank you for helping these babies! .  It occurs when the diaphragm fails to fully form and allows abdominal organs into the chest cavity, preventing lung growth.  50% of babies do not survive.  CDH takes 100's of lives each year in the U.S  The cause is unknown.   Please help!

(This may take more than 1 text to get it all in.  Standard text messaging fees by your phone service provider may apply)

CHERUBS is in full swing in the Pepsi Refresh contest for 5 projects!

Vote for all 5 at http://www.voteforcdh.org/

1.  CDH Research Grant for $250,000 - Money won in this grant will go to our database of over 3000 CDH patients and will also promote the research of 4 amazing research groups;  CDH Study Group, Mass General, DHREAMS and Baylor!

2.  CDH Awareness Grant for $50,000 - to fund CDH awareness billboards in 15 major cities and posters in over 600 malls across the country!  This will also support our Save the Cherubs CDH Awareness campaign!  http://www.savethecherubs.org/

3.  CDH HOPE Totebag Grant for $25,000 - to help fund our care packages sent to new and expectant CDH families.  http://www.cdhhope.org/

4.  Financial Assistance Grant for $25,000 - to provide financial assistance to CDH families for hospital travel costs. 

5.  CDH Hospital Kits Grant for $25,000 - to provide timely and accurate CDH information at the time of diagnosis to hospitals across the country.  http://www.cdhhospitals.org/

There are 3 different ways you can put your votes in and you can do ALL 3 and they count!

1.) http://www.voteforcdh.org/ This will pull up all of our projects at once and you just go right down the line to click and vote.

2.) Text your votes

       $250k research- text message 102542 send to 73774 (pepsi)        $50k Awareness- text message 102365 send to 73774        $25k Hospital- text message 101211 send to 73774        $25k Financial Assistance- text message 101202 send to 73774        $25k Care Packages- text message 02123 send to 73774

3.) There is a FB Pepsi app that you can vote from. http://apps.facebook.com/pepsirefresh    Just search for "cherubs" and all of our projects will show up. :)

Don't forget about our CDH Awareness Gear contest!   Vote and you can win some great stuff!  Like a trip to the Masquerading Angels Ball, a Flip camcorder, CDH Awareness Kits and special edition t-shirts!   http://cdhsupport.blogspot.com/2010/09/win-some-cdh-awareness-gear.html

Thank you all for supporting babies and families affected by CDH!

-- Dawn M. Torrence WilliamsonPresident & Founder

CHERUBS - The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and Support

Volunteer run 501(c)III non-profit organization serving over 3000 CDH families in 38 countries.  Searching for the cause, prevention and best treatments of CDH since 1995.


Phone - 919-610-0129Fax - 815-425-9155Mailing Address - 3650 Rogers Rd #290, Wake Forest, NC 27587, USA

cherub Aaron Younce, asking for votes for CHERUBS in the Pepsi Refresh contest to help CDH babies and families! http://www.voteforcdh.org
Collect 1500 signatures and get this limited edition CDH Superhero t-shirt!


It says "CDH Superhero. Battling Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. I collected over 1500 votes in the Pepsi Refresh contest to help critically ill babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

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