Monday, November 26, 2007

Fall 2007 Silver Lining Issue now out!

You can download our 2007 Fall issue of The Silver Lining newsletter on our web site in the downloads section or the newsletter section at:

It is in full color and 28 pages long, full of stories, news, info and much more. It will be mailed out in 2 weeks to those of you who are subscribers, requested to be on the mailing list (it's on your Profile/membership form) or who aren't on-line. It cost approximately $30 a year to print and mail 4 newsletter in the U.S. so if you can afford to subscribe or can print our newsletter yourself instead of being on the mailing list, please do so. Smile

A huge thank you to our Newsletter Angel, Stephanie, who is helping us to cover printing costs in honor of her cherub Shelby Oliverez, to all of our volunteers, to Brenda Slavin for her article on Relationships, and to all the cherubs and families who contributed photos and stories. Thank you all!

Please feel free to print off several copies for family, friends and your cherub's doctor/hospital!

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