Monday, November 26, 2007

This is me, the narrater behind CHERUBS blog

This is me, Dawn. I am the person behind the logo doing the typing for this profile here - but I am only 1 of 2000 CDH parents who make up CHERUBS.

I am the founder of CHERUBS but I am also the Mom of Shane (1/28/93 - 9/11/99) Diagnosed at birth with left-sided CDH, polyhydramnios, 6 CDH repairs, ASD, Pulmonary Sequestration, Hypospadius, Undescended Testes, Microcephaly, Hospital- 300 days at birth, Vent- 2 yrs, Oxygen- 3 yrs, trach 3 yrs, reflux, Nissen, NG tube 2 yrs, Mic-Key feeding button 4 yrs, deaf 6 yrs, blind 1 yr, 5 yrs impaired vision, Cerebral Palsy, developmentally delayed, passed way from pneumonia bought on by gastropleural fistula, no siblings.

I'll be posting updates about CHERUBS activities and latest news here. Please feel free to comment or to e-mail me at

If you are a CDH parent, don't forget to join our web site! We have a member forum with over 2000 CDH families. Membership is free!

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