Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New CDH Research Site Underway!

CHERUBS has started on a new CDH research web site for our medical professional members, as well as for compiling and tabulating our Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research Surveys.

Our medical professional members will have their own forum there to discuss CDH, and our parent members will be able to contribute to research! We have 150 medical professional in CHERUBS. But there will be public forums for them to post current research studies and publications that you all can read too.

It will be a place for all the medical links to research articles, where CDH specialists can msg each other or post to the forum (like we do here), plus all of our CDH Research Surveys can be filled out there and we can tally up the research results from them and our membership form. So all CDH parents can join in on the research surveys and hopefully, together, we can find a common denominator to the cause and prevention of CDH.

Also, doctors will be able to post themselves asking parents to join in on research studies.

It will become *the* CDH Research Site on the Internet! Estimated completion date is January 28, 2008!

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