Monday, March 3, 2008

CHERUBS is given a place in history on Wikipedia!

Wikipedia never gives individual pages to support groups or even small charities, not without some historical or public significance. I've known of several groups who were deleted from just posting on Wikipedia for blantant commercialization. It was in removing one of those groups from a page about CDH that Wikipedia contacted us after looking at our site and asked if we would like a place in their on-line encyclopedia. Of course we said YES!!!!!!! :)

We had to fight with some Wiki staff who weren't sure we should be there, not even with our legislative petitions, all of our awareness activities, etc. It was a hard argument but 13 years of work, being the world's largest and first CDH organization, having the world's largest parent database for CDH and the fact that we've been in medical journals won them over!!!!

This is a HUGE achievement for CDH Awareness!!!! :)

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