Monday, March 3, 2008

To CDH Parents & CHERUBS Members - we need your help!

From our listservs and web site....

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be blunt and I'm sorry if it sounds cold but I'm having to put on my "business hat" here because this is extremely important...

I'm trying to wrap up the latest issue of our newsletter and in our newsletters we always list our State & International Representatives. We're about to lose severals Reps because they haven't turned in their reports (come on everyone - it only takes 10 minutes, please get them in!). Rather than list our current list of Reps and have it inaccurate because so many Reps are AWOL, I think maybe it's best to just leave those states or countries blank so that volunteers can come forward who want to be Reps.

Our State & International Representatives are the middle people for us... we have over 2200 members now. Back when we had just 50 members on these lists we could keep up with everyone. I remember when I knew everyone's spouses, kids, birthdays and street addresses by heart. We have too many members now for me to do that. We *don't* want to lose that close-knit small group feeling so that's where our Reps come in. They keep up with members in their state / country, make sure that they have info, prayers or support when they need it, someone close by with experiences with the same hospitals. They also make sure that hospitals in their states or countries have brochures and information so that when a new or expectant baby is diagnosed these parents have information on CDH and where to turn for support. Without Representatives in these states and countries, these services are not provided. Parents don't have the information and support that they should be getting.

We also have started a new Rep service (not sure that's the right word).... we are trying to get 2 Reps for each state and country - 1 grieving parent and 1 parent of a survivor. We have a lot of states and countries that not being served. We need *help*!!!!

..Those of you who have lost your cherubs and want to find a way to do something in their memory... this is the perfect avenue to do that. Those of you who still have your cherubs and want to find a way to give back or pay tribute to your blessing... again, this is the perfect avenue to do that. Support and awareness every day, helping families one on one. Making a difference in the lives of families devastated by CDH.

If you a State or International Representative and you haven't sent your report in, we need it by noon tomorrow. We have a lot of families to help and we need those positions filled and functioning. No offense, I know some of you have busy lives or are grieving or raising sick children - we understand that and it's ok if you can no longer volunteer. We are just trying to help as many families as possibile and we need a smooth running volunteer system to do that. If you still want to volunteer, you *must* log onto the new site and keep up with the volunteer forum. Shelly, Stephanie and I have all practically begged you to log in and get your reports in... we have too much to do, we can't beg anymore. It's taking away time better well spent helping families and working on other projects.

If you would like to volunteer, please read over the volunteer section at Print off and sign the Volunteer Rules at If you'd like to be listed in this newsletter, we need those in ASAP (by noon tomorrow) so please fax them to 815-425-9155. You can also print them, sign and scan them and e-mail it to for the newsletter deadline but you must also mail them in as well. You must be a member of CHERUBS to volunteer and though you can belong to any other CDH group, we ask that you only officially volunteer for one or it would be a conflict of interest.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at or our Representatives Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie, at

Thank you all! We know that lots of you will stand up and volunteer to help CDH families!


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