Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Donations In Honor / Memory of Cherubs

(From Dawn)

I just sent this out to my family and friends:

I am donating in memory of Shane this Christmas and invite all of you to donate in honor or memory of someone that you love. CHERUBS receives little donations and no grants. None of our volunteers are paid. We run out of my house to save costs. Yet, we help over 2600 families in 38 countries and do research as well, not to mention having to fight this trademark for all CDH families and organizations. We do all that we do for FREE for these babies and families. We LOVE what we do and we could do so much more with just a little of help. It's tax-deductible even! So before you donate this year to the big foundations with millions of dollars or those with big grants or those who are all about raising money and making money and getting donations.... don't forget us little grassworks little guys who are working hard to make a difference and do it all freely! We could be doing so, so, so much more!


You all, it's been a hard year for everyone, I know. CHERUBS has taken a hit as well and if it wasn't for a few generous members who make sure we keep up services.... a lot of things wouldn't have happened, like our conference. Now, we're fighting this trademark issue and if we lose, we won't be able to keep our fundraising sites like cafepress up without paying someone a fee everytime we sell something - if we get to keep them at all. This will devastate us financially. Usually just 3% of members donate each year - this year it's been about 1%. That's around 26 members out of 2600. But that's ok - we're not here to make money, we're here to help you all! Our big events were great - but we broke even after costs and the conference (conferences are not cheap!) - and it was our first year for the Angel Ball and Golf Tournament so we needed more exposure and more ticket sales. Next year hopefully will be better.

We could be doing so much more - newsletters again, new member packets again - both cut because donations have dried the past 3 years due to slander that I won't get into here. But do you all know how many families that has affected? How many new and expectant families who didn't get packets of information from us? And how many off-line families who aren't getting newsletters? We need your help. I HATE asking for donations.... which is probably why we don't have grant funding but Sarah's going to help us with that next year - yeah, Sarah! Smile But for now... for our conferences, research site, this site and all of our services.... we could still be doing so much more! Those of you who have only been here less than 3 years.... if you only knew all that we used to be able to do, how much bigger we were in services - we have taken such a hit. And it breaks my heart to not be able to offer all the things we used to be able to offer.

I know a lot of you help raise funds for the Red Cross, March of Dimes, Pulmonary Hypertension Foundation and other foundations.... it's wonderful, absolutely wonderful and I am so proud of you all! But please don't forget CHERUBS.... those organizations are amazing but they all receive mega-money from grants and marathons and awareness days and we're just the little guys here but I think - and correct me if I'm wrong - CHERUBS makes the most impact helping CDH families. We're here for all of you, any time you need us. There is nothing we won't do to help CDH families and we've spent the past 15 yrs showing that. We're a charity - not a business without a heart - our focus is YOU! :)

We don't ask for donations much. We don't send out letters or e-mails asking for money. We don't charge a membership fee like most organizations our size do. And we all volunteer. The marketing company keeps pushing me to have a call center and call you all individually asking for donations - I won't do it. CHERUBS is not about money, at all. But companies charge us for this site, our po box, postage, ink, paper, event rentals, ads, hosting, etc - we have to pay that somehow. A smile and a "please don't charge our charity" doesn't work - I've tried. :)

And don't forget you can create a firstgiving page in honor or memory of your cherub too. Great way to raise money and awareness with family and friends! A couple of you raised quite a bit this way - bless you!

So this is *not* a plea for money..... this is a *please don't forget we're here and we need help to keep functioning too*.

A few members with Firstgiving pages helping to raise money for CHERUBS and CDH Research:

In honor of Logan Wagner -
In honor of Adam Hess -
In memory of Faith Grace Miles -
In honor of Jayden Valasek -
Gabe's Bowl-A-Thon, in memory of Gabriel Nava -
In memory of Madison Brooks -
In memory of Emily Lepaige Spencer -
In memory of Asher James Switzer McCoy -
In memory of Shane Torrence -
CHERUBS (our first page that we haven't really used yet) -
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research -
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Trademark Opposition Fund -

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