Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CHERUBS Database Update - Attention all Members!

We need your help updating the database THIS WEEK! We are tabulating research results, sending out newsletters, and posting the National Children's Memorial Day tribute and we need your help to make sure the database is up to date.

For All Members:

Instructions on how to add / fix your cherub's listing on the calendar and how to update your profile can be found at:

For Grieving Members:

On Friday we will change our site for National Children's Memorial Day. We will list all cherubs lost on the homepage until December 14th. The list will come from our database. If you do not see your cherub listed on the calendar (shown on every page of our forums), then they will not be included. You must follow the instructions below to add your cherub. Please make sure that their angelversary is also listed in your profile or the database will not recognize that they have passed away.

Please do not send me a message or an e-mail to include your cherub before the 14th. Or a facebook or myspace note. I really can't keep up, I'm sorry. Using our database on our site is the only way we can do this without mass chaos with a list of 1000 cherubs with wings. We really want to include everyone and not leave anyone out. I would feel horrible if a cherub wasn't listed so please, please take a few minutes to double-check to make sure your cherub is included if you are a grieving parent.


If you're having any trouble logging on to the site, the following are administrators for the site and can help you get logged in:

Stephanie -
Barb -
Danielle -
Corin -
Tara -
Dawn -

Please do try to update the calendar yourself first before you ask for help, as we are completely swamped right now. But know we are here if you need help!

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