Saturday, February 21, 2009

CHERUBS New CDH Awareness Blogger Template

Like our new look? It's a look in progress but we hope to raise a lot of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness!!!

We're by no means blog template experts but we think we can help you to use this on your Blogger blog (this only works with Blogger - we're working on Wordpress templates still).

How to install this blog template:

#1. Please know that you'll lose your widgets if you install this (all the little cool squares on the side). But you can add them back after you install the template!

#2. Go to and save these files to your hard drive. This is the coding for the template that you'll need later.

#3. Go to your Blogger account and log in. Under the Dashboard you want to click on the Layout Tab. You want to choose Edit HTML

#4. Under "Upload a template from a file on your hard drive:" you want to choose and upload the cherubstemplate.xml file you saved in step #2. It may warn you that your widgets will be deleted, save it anyway.

#5. Still under the Layout Tab, now you want to go to Page Elements. You should see an element on the right named "HTML/JavaScript". Click on Edit on that element.

#6. A new window will pop up. Leave the title blank and under Content, copy and paste all the coding from the cherubsblog.txt file you saved in step #2. Save it and the window will close.

#7. Save your template by clicking on the Orange save button.

#8. To add the CDH babies being born counter, click on the Page Element that says "Congenital Diaphragmatic He..." and download and copy and paste this coding under Content.

#9. To join the CDH Blog Ring, you need to sign up and follow the directions found here. Paste that coding in the Element that says "CDH Blogs Ring"

#10. To add the Goodsearch and Goodshop for CHERUBS code, click on the Page Element that says "Goodsearch and Goodshop f..." and download and copy and paste this coding under Content.

That's it! Sound compicated? It's really not, we just wanted to be very detailed in instructions. :)

Hopefully this new template will raise lots and lots of CDH Awareness!


Hopie said...

I absolutely LOVE the new layout!!!! So fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I just did such a triple take when I saw Michael on the side bar! I had to go look at the poster again to be sure I hadn't missed him when I saw it the first time. Very cute. =D

Anonymous said...

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