Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What People Are Saying About CHERUBS - we're requesting quotes for our new site

Each page of our new site will include 2 things that we need help to collect from CDH parents:

1. Photos of cherubs dressed as cherubs (wings, halo)
2. Quotes from members about how CHERUBS has helped you.

We will also be using these photos and quotes in awareness campaigns. You can submit yours to

Below are some quotes we've received.....

"I have found so much support, love, and many friends. I will be forever greatful to everyone at CHERUBS for helping me through the death of my daughter. Words could never describe the love I have in my heart for this organization." - Kate Crawford, mom of Shannon Crawford (1/16/07-1/19/07)

"CHERUBS is a place CDH families can go and talk about the many issues we deal with on a daily basis. It is an extended family--that offers love, support and strength. No matter how CDH has affected each individual member. We are a united family and CHERUBS gives you the peace in your heart to know you are not alone on this CDH journey. You have members all around the world that understand CDH. We are all in this together. Knowing I have members who can help me with each step we take with our daughter Shelby. Makes this journey easier." - Stephanie Olivarez, mom of Shelby Olivarez (7/10/06)

My only wish is that I had found CHERUBS earlier. My son wasnt diagnosed until birth with CDH and after months of struggles I found CHERUBS and joined their family! Yes, it is a family, although each CHERUBS' journey is different, we all have the common bond of the helpless feelings and receive unconditional love and support from one another. THANK GOD FOR CHERUBS!" - Penny Campsey, mom of Cole Campsey (3/26/03)

My sister found CHERUBS for me right after Faith was diagnosed. I don't know what I would have done without all the love and support from these families around the world. Truly a community of courage, strength, love and understanding." - Amy Miles, mom of Faith Grace Miles (3/6/08-4/5/08)

"No one knows what this experience is like except someone who has really been there, and CHERUBS if just that- People all around the world who have seen the things we have, and felt the way we have, had to make the same decisions that we have. We all share the same goal now. Whether our children survived or not, we all want to see a day when there are more answers and more options." - Sarah Deskins, mom to Jeremiah Deskins (9/21/2007-1/12/2008)

"CHERUBS is important because of the awarness for research. I want to know WHY it was for our babies. Do we not deserve that? Parents with children with cancer or AIDS or Cystic Fybrosis or Spina bifida know what causes it. Parent with children born with CDH don't know why. I don't know why. I know it is not because I live in South Carolina because Shaz lives in Australia. I know it is not because I was 35 when Baer was born because Corin was 23 when Gabe was born. I know it was not because I was married because Tania had a partner in Darryl when Jacob was born. I know it is not because I was having a boy because Stephanie already had three girls when Shelby was born. I know it was not because I worked around chemicals in a engine factory because Amy was a teacher while expecting Faith. I know it was not beacause he was my fourth and I already had 3 perfect healthy children because Shannon was Kate's first and Jeremiah was Sarah's first. I know it was not because I had teenager's at home to help out with a sick baby because Kara had a toddler when she had Adam. I know it was not because it was 2007 and there wereso many pollutants in the air because Dawn had Shane in 1993. I know it was not because I did not have top notch prenatal care because Judi was in the military when Christopher was born. I know that it was not because I am not a christian because Penny prays to God everyday yet Cole was still born with CDH. I know that it is not because I am white because Juan Pablo and Fer are hispanic. I know that it is not because I am overweight because Danielle is and was thin when Alyssa was born. So now I know so many reasons why NOT, yet I and all the other CDH parents are still looking for WHY our babies where born with CHD. Until we have that answer we cannot begin to hope for a solution. This is why I think that CHERUBS is so important." - Lynne Brogdon, mom of Baer Brodgon (12/4/07)

Five and a half years ago, during my second pregnancy, my child was diagnosed with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). All I was told by my OB was that there was a hole in her diaphragm and that she would need surgery. I went home and searched congenital diaphragmatic hernia and I found CHERUBS. Almost everything I learned about CDH was due to CHERUBS. Through their website and their information packet I recieved in the mail. This information gave me guidance as to what to ask the doctors at and what I need to know about CDH. There also is a need for research. The fact that the medical community does not know what causes CDH shows there is a definite need for more research." - Kim Richards, mom to Olivia Raine Richards (8/31/02-9/19/02)

"CHERUBS is my new family, is the place I can go to cry or share or ask for prayers and there is always someone listening. CHERUBS is a place full of love, support and understanding. In CHERUBS I know I'm not alone and that my friends (because I have found so many wonderful friends) will always care for me and my family." - Fer Arce, mom to Juan Pablo Arce (1/6/07)

"When my son was diagnosed with CDH,during my pregnancy, I thought it was something simple that could be fixed with surgery once he was born. When he died I was so lost and alone, nobody really understood what CDH was even after I explained it over and over to them. Then I found CHERUBS and immediately I felt at home, everyone is there for me whenever I need them and most importantly I know I am not alone on my own journey of CDH, which makes all the difference!" - Kimberly Switzer, mom to Asher Switzer (7/4/07-7/4/07)

"I thought when Colton was first diagnosed it was a one time thing. He's fixed and we were sent on our way. I went to our follow up thinking this is a waste of money. (not that I wouldn't of gone). But then the Dr, came in and said he had bad news. I was so confussed. I immediatly went home a started doing research. And I found my new friends and now I have a better understanding of what is happening. Not all the answers I was looking for. But I do understand it's not my fault. and Thank you for that". - Carrie Crum, mom to Colton Crum (10/11/07)

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