Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CHERUBS HOPE Totebag Project Delivers 1st Totebag to CDH Family

Our CHERUBS HOPE (Helping Other Parents Expecting) Totebag Project delivered our first tote bag in person on October 19th.

Dawn had the absolute pleasure of meeting the Hobbs family at Duke. Cherub Andrew is there fighting Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and on ECMO. He is absolutely adorable and such a little fighter moving his hands and feet and eyes while sedated! His wonderful parents, Gene and Becky, are so sweet and we hope to get to know them and watch Andrew grow. Thank you so much for letting us welcome your little guy into the world and welcome you into CHERUBS!

In all, we have delivered and mailed out 24 totebags to new and expectant CDH families so far! It's taken 2 years, a lot hard work, a lot of donations and a huge community effort by all CHERUBS members to get this project finally going and these bags finally mailed out and we are so very, very proud of how all of our members have worked together to help new CDH families!

So many CDH families have done so much to help this project without any desire for recognition, any need to put their own cherubs on pedastals or any other motives other that to help other CDH families. Their hearts only focused on giving and helping others.... there is no higher generousity than that!

"Everyone working as a team - together - CDH families helping other CDH families. That's the true spirit of the CDH community and I am so proud to know each one of you!! Your kindness and selflessness is so deeply appreciated and admired and all your work and love will pour out in this bags to help so many CDH families! Thank you!

THIS is why CHERUBS exist! This is what we're here for, why it was created, what our mission is. Days like today remind me of that. Just to see that beautiful little fellow fighting CDH and to try to let a family know that they aren't alone and to hopefully give them information and support. This is why we exist. I am so proud of our members" - Dawn Williamson, President & Founder of CHERUBS

We would like to thank the following who have either donated items for the bags** or helped to contribute to the CDH Baby Book:

- Alliance of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Organizations

- Amy Atkins - in honor of Faith Atkins

- Amy Miles - in memory of Faith Miles

- Amy Rademaker – in memory of Jonathan Rademaker

- Angie Finley - in honor of Tyler Finley

- Barbara Wagner – in honor of Logan Wagner

- Big Y Store

- BJ's Wholesale

- Boston Children’s Hospital

- Brenda Slavin – in memory of Amanda and Nicolas Slavin

- Brian Anthony

- Cathy Colvin - in memory of Kasey Colvin

- CHERUBS – The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and Support

- Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

- Christie Brooks - in memory of Madison Brooks

- Chuck and Kara Hess – in honor of Adam Hess

- Cindy Collins - in honor of Jason Collins

- Corin Nava – in memory of Gabrial Nava

- Craig Williamson – in memory of Shane Torrence

- Danielle Kessner – in memory of Alyssa Kessner

- Darcy Miller

- Darlene Silverman – in honor of Emily Daly

- Dawn Williamson – in memory of Shane Torrence

- Denise Dunfee.- in memory of Ryan Mudderman

- Denise Richer

- Elaine Moats – in honor of Kristin Moats

- Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati

- Gail Hyziak – in honor of Michael Hyziak

- Garret Williamson – in memory of Shane Torrence

- Iris Adame – in memory of Aileen Adame

- International CDH Study Group

- Jay Wilson, MD

- Jeanne Nava - in memory of Gabriel Nava

- Judi Toth – in memory of Christopher Toth

- Karla Holt – in honor of Braden Holt

- Kate Crawford - in memory of Shannon Crawford

- Kathy Shelton - in honor of Logan Wagner

- Kevin and Nicolle Colvin - in memory of Kasey Colvin

- Kim Richards – in memory of Olivia Richards

- Kim Switzer – in memory of Asher Switzer-McCoy

- Leah Koehn - in honor of Jacob Koehn

- Lesli Taylor, MD

- Maria LaFond Visscher – Abiding Hearts

- Michael Harrison, MD

- Pam Lally, MD

- Rachel Holt - in honor of Braden Holt

- Shana Kelly – in honor of Landon Kelly

- Shandi & Paige Cox – in memory of Caleb Cox

- Shauna Curtis - in honor of Addison Curtis

- Stephanie Olivarez - in honor of Shelby Olivarez

- Tamara Klein

- Tammy Spohr – in honor of Bryston Spohr

- Tara Hall – in honor of Brandon Hall

- The International CDH Study Group

- Theresa Wellman – in memory of Donnie Wellman

- Tyler Welch - in memory of Jamie Welch

- Wal-Mart

- Willie & Megan Skaggs – in memory of Michael Joseph “MJ” Skaggs

Learn more about our totebag project here - http://www.cdhsupport.org/donate/hope.php

Learn more about needed donations here -

*** We took over this project from a member. A lot of donations have not been properly accounted for. If you donated an item or money and are not listed above, please let us know!

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