Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CHERUBS Valentine's Day Fundraiser - Raise CDH Awareness and money for a good cause while honoring your cherub

Please participate in our Valentine's Day CDH Awareness!

We have an EASY way to get all of us involved in raising awareness and research funds!!!! Our Valentine's Day fundraiser will take just a few minutes of your time and it will educate so many people about CDH!!!!

Many stores sell awareness posters for $1 each for different causes throughout the year - we're going to sell ours during Valentine's Day - cherubs, angels, cupid, etc - get it?  Smile

We can post these anywhere that we can get permission to post them - grocery stores, schools, gas stations, banks, small stores, department stores, churches, etc. 

Below are 2 files - 1 about the fundraiser to post at the location, 1 that is the actual fundraiser.

You will need MANY of the actual fundraising posters to sell. Most will make copies for you, some you have to provide yourself - black and white is ok. On pink paper is even better. You only need a few of the fundraising info sheets - most post 1 at each cash register. This tells about CDH, has a CDH diagram cherub and you can post your cherub's photo and name. People waiting in line will see these - we will be reaching 1000's of people!!!!

Everyone is welcome to participate! Help CHERUBS to raise awareness and research funds for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia! It's easy, only costs a few dollars to do and you can do it in honor or memory of your cherub while educating 1000's about CDH!

Last year, several of our members convinced their local stores to sell Valentine's Day posters in honor / memory of their cherubs to raise money for CHERUBS. Below are photos from just a few of these fundraisers! The photos below are fundraisers in memory of Caleb Cox and in honor of Logan Wagner.

The best thing about this fundraiser is they raised TONS of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness!!!! Along with the "valentines" displayed were posters explaining what CDH is! Thank you to all the families, friends and establishments that made our first annual CHERUBS Valentine's Day Fundraiser a success!!!

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