Monday, August 23, 2010

Today we won $30,000 for CDH.....

A note from Dawn to our members.....

Today, we won $30,000 for our charity to help more families affected by CDH through research and support services.   This was a summer-long team effort and you are all so AMAZING and it brings tears to my eyes how proud I am of how everyone banded together to help our babies.

We might not have a lot at CHERUBS but there is one thing that we are never low on..... COMPASSION and you are all prime examples of that!

Thank you so very much for all so many of you have done over the past months to raise awareness and votes to help provide more services for CDH families. I hope you are all as proud of what you've done as I am proud of you and most importantly - as proud as the cherubs are of all of us.... those here, those looking down from Heaven.

And thank you so much to the other charities we've worked with and who have helped us to raise votes and awareness, those who worked with us (PWSA especially) behind the scenes dealing with security issues, who posted for votes for our charity too, who cared more about helping as many charities as possible than winning!!! We truly were blessed to be in a contest with other charities of such high integrity and compassion and professionalism!!!

Thank you to the other CDH charities who worked with us and voted with us to try to help more CDH families through the services we hope to offer them:
  • CDH Rainbows
  • The Olivia Raine Foundation
  • Nayeli Faith Foundation
  • SMILE (Chloe Tate Foundation)
  • Real Hope for CDH
  • And ALL the doctors, nurses researchers voting for us in their labs and offices and hospitals across the country!!!!
It takes a lot of love for the cause, integrity and class for other charities to campaign for another to win a large amount of money.   All of these charities voted and posted because they didn't care who the money went to as long as it helps CDH families and indeed it will.   These charities all embody the real spirit of the entire CDH community and we are so grateful for their support of all CDH families and charities!!!!

Thank you to the celebrities who helped us during this contest by posting and tweeting and even taking photos for us;  Patsy Pease (Days of Our Lives), Charles Shaunessy (The Nanny, Days of Our Lives) and Simon van Kempen (Real Housewives of New York) and local radio DJ "Bob the Blade", Miss Durham County Jaquetta Taborn-Moss and Miss Raleigh, Wendy Petty!

A special thanks to our CDH Vote Warrior team - this special task force of CDH moms and dads worked for days on end this week tirelessly for our children!!!  Those who held FB events to raise votes - you all raised the most CDH awareness and we are so proud of you1!!!  Those who submitted videos and photos. ALL of our amazing CDH parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who went above and beyond to help us help more CDH families! God bless all of you for your limitless support this summer!!!

Thank you EVERYONE!!!!

And most importantly, thank you to APX Alarm... without whom we would not have had the opportunity to raise CDH Awareness to tens of thousands of people all summer long and to meet the amazing people we've met along the way and had the chance to raise funds to help CDH families. There will be lots of tears and hugs at the press conference! :)

The press conference / award ceremony will take place on September 14th here in North Carolina. All members are welcome to attend! Location details will be posted next week. There, we will also draw for the $1000 raffle and announce the winners for the "contests within a contest"!

Thank you all again, so very very much!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn M. Williamson
CHERUBS President & Founder

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Anonymous said...

I would like to add a big thank you to Dawn, for without you and your enthusiasm,hard work and support that you give unconditionally to all members of CHERUBS and CDH families we wouldn't know what to do . I would also like to thank your family for "sharing" you with all of our families. I am so glad that CHERUBS has won because you have put everything you have into this charity and deserve this and more ~ THANK YOU !