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Prayers & Quotes for August 11, 2010

Prayers & Quotes for August 11, 2010
If you have a prayer request for a cherub or a family member of a cherub, you can send it to

Please keep the following in your thoughts and prayers:

Soon to arrive cherub Finley D. is going to be induced this week, 8/12! Please pray for strength for her and her family.

Newborn cherub Jonathan M., born 6/11 is the NICU and fighting severe pulmonary hypertension, please pray for strength for Jonathan and his family.

Cherub Justin S. is need of prayers. He has underwent a very tough surgery to fix his reherniation. He is now post op day 7 and struggling with getting back to feeling himself. Please keep Justin and his family in your prayers.

Newborn cherub Whitney M., arrived 7/21 and has endured her repair surgery and ECMO. She is currently working on coming off the vent and has also received her first cuddles!! She is also working on her feeds. Please keep this beautiful little girl in your thoughts and prayers.

Newborn Quinn T. was born 6/22 and is getting so close to going home. She is working on her feeds and is almost off her oxygen. Please pray for continued progress for beautiful Quinn!

Newborn cherub Josiah B. arrived 7/1. He is working on eating and continues to make great progress towards going home. Send Josiah good eating vibes!

Newborn cherub Elijah V., arrived 7/8. He has had his CDH repair and successfully came off of ECMO. Please pray for strength and continued healing for Elijah, as he is retaining fluid and his oxygen requirements keep going up.

Newborn cherub Noah A. was born 5/25 and he was released from the NICU on 8/3 and is now HOME!!! Welcome home Noah!! Keep praying this little guy continues eating well and gaining weight!

Newborn cherub Niklas E., arrived 7/7and got to go home on 8/2! Welcome HOME Niklas! Pray he continues thriving at home!

Newborn cherub Micah P. is still in the NICU. He now is on a trach and continues to get stronger. Pray for continued strength for Micah and his family.

Teenager Cherub Logan W. is set to have surgery on 9/3 for a pectus repair.

Newborn cherub James B. may finally get to leave the hospital and go to rehab! Please keep this amazing boy in your thoughts and prayers and hope he gets a bed soon in the rehab facility.

Baby cherub "boy" K. is back in the hospital, for his patch is sitting to high and causing respiratory failure.

Expecting parents to cherub baby girl Addison R., need our prayers for strength and guidance with what lies ahead.

To all our families and friends that are fighting against the flu, colds, sickness…may you feel better soon and have no complications.

Cherubs on Their Way:

Cherub Finley D., due 8/13
Cherub Heath F., due 9/3
Cherub Savannah Q., due 9/4
Cherub baby boy D., due 9/15
Cherub Airynn E., due 9/12
Cherub Aurie B., due 9/17
Cherub baby boy M., due 9/25
Cherub Addison R., due 9/25
Cherub Isaac I., due 10/14
Cherub Abel B., due 10/28
Cherub Zoe C., due 12/1
Cherub Coleman H., due 12/3

All families expecting a baby with CDH, may you have continued hope and strength for the journey that lies ahead.

Newly Grieving Families:

Newborn cherub Osmund "Oz" K., was born in the morning on 7/21 and earned his wings in the evening of 7/21. Please pray for comfort and strength for this family.

Newborn cherub Shelbi R., was born in the morning of 7/26 and earned her wings in the late evening of 7/26. Please pray for comfort and strength for this family.

To all families affected by CDH and the loss of your precious child, may you find peace and comfort and know you are never alone, for so many people care about you.

Today’s Quotes:

"We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.” ~Luciano de Crescenzo

"Hope never abandon you; you abandon it." ~George Wineberg

"Within each of us is a hidden store of energy. Energy we can release to compete in the marathon of life. Within each of us is a hidden store of courage. Courage to give us the strength to face any challenge. Within each of us is a hidden store of determination. Determination to keep us in the race when all seems lost." ~Roger Dawson

"Anything is possible. You can be told that you have a 90-percent chance or a 50-percent chance or a 1-percent chance, but you have to believe, and you have to fight.” ~Lance Armstrong

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