Sunday, October 3, 2010

Donate to CHERUBS just by searching or shopping on-line! Download the Goodsearch Toolbar and help us win $1000.

CHERUBS could win $1000 if we can be one of the top 5 charities to get supporters to download our Goodsearch Toolbar.

It's safe and free. They don't sell your info. Goodsearch and Goodshop are sites that work with dozens of large stories to donate profits to charities like CHERUBS. If you search through Goodsearch (it's just like Google), then they donate money to CHERUBS. And if you shop on-line through the toolbar (a all major stores), the stores donate a portion of your shopping to CHERUBS. And it costs you nothing! With the holidays coming up a lot of you will be shopping on-line anyway - this is a great way to help CDH families by doing something that you're already doing - for free! :)

We've raised over $500 the past 2 years this way with just a few of us participating. Imagine what we could do if we can get family and friends to do this too! :)

And we could win $1000 if we get the most people participating. So far, the top charity in this contest has less than 50 participants. Surely we can beat that! :)

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