Friday, June 24, 2011

Daily CDH Vote Reminder - Meet Cherub Shane Torrence

Please Vote Today - This is your daily vote reminder to help babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia!

CHERUBS is participating the Vivint Gives Back Contest on Facebook and we need your votes! How to vote:
1. Go to
2. Log in through Facebook and vote
3. Repeat daily through August 27, 2011

Contest Update -We have over 17,000 votes from people like you who want to see CDH research and more family support. Let's see how high we can push those numbers today!

Contest Voter Tip Of The Day - Write a Facebook note about your cherub, the contest and how people can vote and tag as many people as possible.

More Contest Info - visit for the contest video, free graphics, learn where the money would go to help CDH babies and more.

Did You Know? - If CHERUBS wins the Vivint Gives Back contest, $10,000 will go to fund Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia HOPE (Helping Other Parents Expecting) Totebags. These care packages include the CDH Baby Book, a baby blanket, personal care items, disposable camera, baby shirt, hat, booties, handprint kit, hairlock holder, teddy bear and more. Many items are donated by other CDH families. These funds will pay for non-donated items, postage and materials such as the canvas totebags, portfolios for materials, newborn wings and more.

Meet Our Cherubs! - Shane Torrence was born in 1993 with Left-Sided CDH and multiple other birth defects. He spent his first 10 months in ICU before coming home on a ventilator, oxygen and feeding tube while blind and deaf from lack of oxygen during a bout of pneumonia. By the age of 3, he could see, hear with hearing aids and was trach free. He lost his battle with CDH at age 6 in 1999 due to a one-in-a-million complication called a gastropleural fistula which complicated his 6th CDH repair. But Shane was a very happy little boy who loved Sesame Street, books, matchbox cars and he always had a smile on his face. Shane is the son of CHERUBS founder, Dawn Williamson.

Thank you all for your support and your votes to help CDH babies!

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