Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily CDH Vote Reminder - Meet Cherub Chloe Gray

Please Vote Today - This is your daily vote reminder to help babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia!

CHERUBS is participating the Vivint Gives Back Contest on Facebook and we need your votes! How to vote:
1. Go to http://www.voteforcdh.org
2. Log in through Facebook and vote
3. Repeat daily through August 27, 2011

Contest Update -We are doing great with 23,444 votes as of 9:30 this morning, but still aren't in a position that will give us any money. Please continue to vote, recruit, and spread awareness!

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More Contest Info - visit http://www.voteforcherubs.org for the contest video, free graphics, learn where the money would go to help CDH babies and more.

Did You Know? - If CHERUBS wins the Vivint Gives Back contest, $5000 will go towards local get-togethers around the country. Many families have never met other CDH families and local get-togethers offer invaluable support and information to those affected by CDH.

Meet Our Cherubs! - My daughter's name is Chloe and she is seven years old. She was born in 2003 with an undiagnosed right sided CDH. She had surgery at three days old and spent three weeks in the intensive care unit. She is going through a tough time at the moment with lots of different problems related to her CDH and it is quite a process to work out what is actually going on. It is being suggested she has a dysautonomia from brain trauma suffered post birth causing issues with anxiety, digestion, fatigue, reflux, overheating and aches/pains. She is a gorgeous little girl with a lovely sensitive personality and is very popular with her friends. We have struggled to fit into the education system but keep working at it. She leads quite a normal life but with lots of small adjustments such as frequent small meals, lots of water, rest breaks at school, reduced sports program etc. There is not one specialised centre in Melbourne so we see lots of different Dr's. I have a few close friends who are very supportive and listen carefully to me when l am talking about Chloe so they can care for her when she visits their house. They really have no idea what we went through or what is actually medically wrong with Chloe in detail but at least they try to understand. I have a wonderful pediatrician and some family members are very supportive. People who l do not see that often are difficult to be around and l find myself in a state of mind at present to connect with other parents who have been through a similar experience to mine. My husband and l have overcome much of the trauma that we experienced in the years following Chloe's birth and now put all of our energies into ensuring she can have as normal a life as possible. I have included a picture of Chloe as the beautiful young girl she is today. The hospital photos of Chloe are similar to the ones l have seen of all the other CDH babies with lots of tubes etc and not a memory l want to revisit.

Thank you all for your support and your votes to help CDH babies!

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