Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vote for CDH Babies!!!!

Vote for CDH Babies!!!!

CHERUBS is in the Vivint Gives Back Contest on Facebook!

June 14 - August 27, 20011

Vote for CHERUBS every day to help the babies!

Click here to vote now!

CHERUBS is participating the Vivint Gives Back Contest on Facebook and we need your votes!    How to vote:

1.  Go to http://www.voteforcdh.org/

2.  Log in through Facebook and vote

3.  Repeat daily through August 27, 2011

Vote for CHERUBS in the Vivint Gives Back Contest on Facebook

If you're having
troubles with the voting and endorsing process (you're getting an error
telling you to like the page first repeatedly), do the following:

1. On Facebook, go to Account --> Privacy settings2. In the privacy settings page you should see a 'Connecting on Facebook' section. click 'View Settings'.
3. Set 'See your likes, activities, and other connections' to 'everyone'.
This process lets the website see that you have liked the Vivint page, and you will then stop receiving this error.

Vote for CHERUBS!

What Will $250,000 Be Used For?

Should CHERUBS win the Vivint Gives Back contest, money won would go to:

$145,000 for CDH Research

$95,000 for CDH Support

  • $10,000 to help sponsor a CDH patient, baby Rhett,
    who is currently in an orphanage in the Ukraine.  We have several
    families who want to adopt him and bring him to the U.S.
  • $25,000 for Financial Help for families to help cover travel costs to and from the hospital
  • $30,000 for support services
    (support forums, web sites, mailings, newsletters, volunteer software,
    toll-free number, adopt a hospital kits and much more).  All
    services to families are always FREE.
  • $5,000 for local member get-togethers around the country
  • $10,000 to CDH HOPE Totebag care packages for newborn and expectant babies diagnosed with CDH
  • $10,000 to reinstate new member welcome packages
  • $5,000 to scholarship fund for CDH survivors and siblings

$10,000 for CDH Awareness

  • $1500 for CDH Awareness Bracelets for families
  • $1500 for CDH Awareness Ribbons for families
  • $1500 for CDH Awareness Brochures
  • $500 for Balloons for Memorial & Awareness Releases
  • $1000 for Save the Cherubs Campaign Wings
  • $1000 for Marching in Town Parades
  • $3000 for CDH Awareness Billboards & Posters

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