Friday, February 29, 2008

CHERUBS needs your help - who do you know? Can they help?

We need the following people and ask you to please forward this to family who friends who can help or know someone who can or know someone who know someone who can...

Media - Do you know any reporters, TV station or magazine or newspaper reports? Any type of media, large or small - heck, even school papers would be helpful! But surely *someone* knows someone in Hollywood who would love a huge story... and we have several *huge* stories!

Printing Company - we desperately need 1 or 2 printing companies to become official sponsors of CHERUBS. We have members in 38 countries, 50 states and our web site has over 300,000 hits a month... surely some printing company would want this publicity?

Artists and Singers - for our art auction and our music CD. Famous or infamous, just getting started... doesn't matter - we need your help!

So who does everyone know? We have over 200 friends here on Myspace, who in turn have 1000's of friends here. We can pull this off and find all the help we need with *your* help!

Please have anyone e-mail me at or call at 252-492-6003. Our web site is and you read more about Awareness Events at

Any help appreciated! Help us to help CDH families!!!! Please forward this!

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