Friday, February 29, 2008

CDH on YouTube... chosen charity raising lots of awareness!

I have some really great news for us CDH families! YouTube has chosen CHERUBS as one of their chosen charities and they even sent us a brand new Flip video camera to help bring more CDH Awareness to their site! We will be using it at conferences and events and to interview CDH families. We are really excited about this because YouTube is a huge site and this will bring a lot of awareness to a lot of people! :)

Also, we are putting together several videos - including one for parents of newly diagnosed CDH babies that the doctors will be using. We are really excited to be working with the medical community to help expectant parents and to do this job right, we need your help! Please submit any videos that you want included to our YouTube site and our great video volunteers will be using those videos for the CDH Informational Video. The more CDH families that participate, the better, because all of our stories are so different. By the way, these videos will also be going to television stations as well! :)

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