Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another CDH Awareness Trademark Filed by Breath of Hope, Inc.

If you truly want to help CDH families, take a stand against this behavior! Don't support it. Don't participate in it. If someone was beating up your child on the playground would you turn a blind eye to keep the peace? This is no different! If you saw prejudice or injustice or attacking in your church or school or neighborhood would you ignore it like nothing was happening? This is no difference! These are your rights, your child's rights on the line.

Do you want to ask Elizabeth Doyle-Propst permission to hold a balloon release in memory of your child? Or ask her permission to raise money for your local PICU with an awareness walk? And do you really think you won't pay dearly to get her "permission"? Do you think she won't deny anyone not a member of Breath of Hope or a friend of hers? Do you think she won't ask for any money raised to go to her? This is a woman who constantly and consistently contradicts herself and has been caught in lie after lie.

It costs $300 for each filing. This is $600 of BoH donations used to try to "own" Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness. It cost CHERUBS $300 to file the Petition to Cancel - but that was sponsored, it did not come from donations. We would never misappropriate funds.

To fight a Petition to Cancel it will cost Breath of Hope, Inc. anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. Yes, you read that correctly - that is what any good attorney will charge. BoH's insurance will not cover this once they find out that this was rooted in issues going back 4 years and it is prexisting from before their policy. This means that the costs will come from donations made in honor and memory of babies born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.... money and time better spent on research.

This also means that CHERUBS lawyer can bring up Elizabeth's perjury - a federal offense. And we will not hold anything back to show her any kindness she has failed to show CDH families with this trademark.

No pro bono lawyer will take a losing case barely on the supplemental registry. "Volunteer law students" will take any case for experience whether they can win or not. Law professor often take cases for students that they know will be short and know that will be lost to teach the students. But even this cost money for USPTO fees. Donations used for unethical reasons.

Instead of listening to the 100's of families asking them to stop this trademark - they filed another one. That's twice the time and money going for 1 person to control CDH Awareness.

If Breath of Hope, Inc is so sure about winning this trademark and so honest in their intentions - why register a second trademark - especially one that is a longer version of the one they claim they have a right to own? Because they know the first one was wrong. Why not graciously stop this and respect CDH families? Ask them why. They visit the petition site, they read what parents and doctors write. They know that the entire CDH community is against these trademarks. They do not seem to care.

"Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right."
— Ezra Taft Benson

But we will gladly step aside and give them the new trademark of "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Day". We will even stop posting about it. If BoH will finally do the right thing! And hopefully stop the other bad behavior too (harrassing and stalking parents, attacking parents, filing false charges, etc).

All we have ever asked is that Breath of Hope, Incorporated and Elizabeth Doyle-Propst and the rest of BoH Board of Directors do the right thing and leave CDH Awareness alone! It's a sad, sad shame it's taking court proceedings, petitions, 8 CDH organizations, 1000's of people to try to convince them of the difference between right and wrong. Especially for an organization that claims to be a CDH support group. CDH families should come first. Always.

We should all have better things to do than deal with this! It is taking time and money away from services and research for CDH!

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