Monday, January 12, 2009

What YOU can do to make a real difference for these babies and CDH. Help ALL these babies and organizations in just 3 minutes for free!

Reminding everyone to sign who hasn't signed! Proceedings start tomorrow!

On a sidenote, a few legal blogs have written articles on this so that's some awareness! Not necessarily the positive CDH Awareness we would have wanted but awareness none the less. And every one of those articles (written by TM lawyers) agree that the trademark is insane, unethical and doesn't stand a chance. Even the comments to the articles agree. So do over 5000 CDH families, friends and medical professionals and now 9 CDH organizations. This is all a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted donations by Breath of Hope, Inc (CHERUBS has not use any donations to fight this trademark). CDH families should come first - always - and this trademark never should have been filed.

It's a shame that Elizabeth Doyle-Propst and Breath of Hope, Inc are forcing the CDH community to go through all this but at the end, CDH Awareness will belong to ALL families, researchers and organizations again and no one will ever be able to trademark it. So this is all worth it to keep CDH Awareness safe and for awareness to continue to lead to more research.

What can you do today that will help ALL babies affected by CDH? That raises awareness all year round? That will allow millions to raise CDH Awareness without being restricted by 1 day or 1 organization or 1 person?

Sign the petition if you haven't already.

Forward it to family and friends and especially other CDH parents so they are aware and have the opportunity to sign too. Post on your blogs, other forums, listservs, sites, carepages, etc.

And say a prayer that this goes smoothly and without a lot of unnecessary drama.

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