Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Those Affected by CDH Are Saying About the Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Trademark .....

Below are some quotes from what people are saying about the trademark on Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness on the petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cdhawareness/

An organization that truly cares about it's cause would listen to the people it is supposed to serve and not be self-serving.

As the mother of a surviving CDH child I am appalled by this request for ownership. Had more awareness been available when my son was born, he may have been identified and treated for this condition prior to his birth. The trauma and resulting effects of the day of my son's birth remain with us today, and will for the rest of his life. - Margaret Thompson

It would be unthinkable that the Patent Office would approve this Breath of Hope's request. It should not matter WHO uses the phrase, as long as awareness is raised for our precious CDH babies. Please do not limit the awareness of CDH to one corporation. - Dawn Grady

Give me a break! I and many other hard working physicians and surgeons around the world have been promioting CDH awareness for more than two decades. Promoting awareness is one thing and is admirable. Trademarking the phrase and concept as though it was an original idea is quite another and in the long run risks having exactly the oposite effect by hampering the efforts of others, some of whom have been doing this a hell of a lot longer than this group, to get the same message across. - Jay M Wilson MD

Raising awareness of CDH belongs to all family and friends of those whom have been born with this horrible defect. It cannot and should not be owned by a single entity, organization or person. Awareness began with each one us the day we found out about the person in our life that had/has CDH. That right and those words should not be allowed to be taken away or denied from another person. - Carole Olson

Mother of a surviving child who had a CDH. This is ridiculous. How can you claim patent to something that is used regularly by others. I have never heard of this group nor what their intentions are for the use of this patented phrase. - Sandra Richards-Vance

I sincerely hope this is blocked for all families and babies who are affected with this defect and also for all others families who have children born with any kind of defect. This could set a precedent. - Becky Howard

As a parent who has lost a baby to this severe birth defect, the fact that an organization that supposedly supports me is seeking to copyright the awareness term is abhorrent. What is motivating this move? I feel betrayed by a group that is supposed to be helping people like me. Is there a profit here or a stab at other organizations? - Judye Nazareth

why would anyone want to put a trademark on a phrase like CDHA, it disgusts me that considering this defect has had such an impact on so many, and so many beautiful lives have been lost, that anyone would want to own the awareness, that has helped us all. - Michele Keating

What purpose would it serve to have one organization hold a patent on this phrase when it would hurt so many other organization and individuals who are trying to make a difference, not a profit. - Karen Blandford-Anderson

How does such an idea get started to - own an awareness??? I'm having a hard time understanding what benefit could come from it? I can only see the limitation of other organizations trying to raise awareness. - Tami Traficante

Shame on such a soulless entitiy. - Jeanne Mapes

I am horrified that one small group feel like they are the only ones able to spread awareness for CDH. We all need to work together to get awareness out there - not try and monopolise this. It is a disgrace that they have even applied. - Danielle Kessner

I am absolutely offended and appalled that someone would willingly try to own and dictate the use of the term congenital diaphragmatic hernia! What right does anyone have to do this? There is no control over this devastating birth defect. There is no way of knowing whom it will affect, how it will affect them and when it will happen. As a mother of a child affected by congential diaphragmatic hernia I can not believe that someone would do this. All the babies out there born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia own this term they fought against it and were burdened with being born with it. Do not take this away from them! - Jaana Rosenlund

I am 21 years old, I was born with CDH it has affected me more than words can say after 8 surgeries and having another tomorrow there is noone in this world that should take the awarness of CDH away!!!!!!!! I live with it everyday awareness is key - Danielle Ranta

Awareness is essential, as a parent who has lost a child to CDH I would not want to see all the work that many not for profit organizations do be stopped or hampered by a trade mark infringement. - Stephen & Stacie Blay

Nobody has teh right to "own" the name of a disease. It effects thousands across the world annually - not just 1 organisation. How horribly selfish and disturbing that they would even think of doing this. - Caitlin Robilliard

My daughter died of CDH on June 24th, 2008. She lived 11 minutes and 6 seconds. I need others to know the severity of this birth defect. I need others to be aware and to support the research of this horrible defect. I need others to be aware so that our babies live on even after their life is complete. - Amber Grover

How can they patent this phrase? If anyone should have a patent on it, it is CHERUBS but how can one organization have all the responsibility of awareness for anything? - Kimberly Leibe

I lost my daughter to C.D.H. and I was a member of that organization that wants to own C.D.H. awareness. I can't believe people who say they want to help families would do such a thing. What is most disturbing is that so many people are signing this anonymously. This has gone too far again. Thank you Dawn, for having enough strength to stand up for all of us. I can't imagine what you must deal with on a daily basis to help all of us and the personal cost you have paid by dealing with such horrific behavior. Please let me know if I can do anything at all to help stop this. - Michelle

The money spent by this group for an attorny could have been used for CDH research. Whom is this group supporting; CDH or themselves? - Marsha Wartell

To trademark the term Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness will strip all hospitals, research centers/organizations and other CDH organizations the right to do exactly what the term says . . . make the public aware of CDH! - Kate Crawford

I have a daughter that died from CDH in 2007, the idea of a group having exclusive rights to "CDH awareness" is ridiculous, the goal should be preventing others from suffering and all organizations should collectively work towards this goal. - Stephen Crawford

I am very happy to sign this petition that is taking a stand for CDH families and babies around the world. - Ellen Wilson

i think it's just so they can make money they don't care who it efects they need to be stopped - Brandon Elko

i too lost a child to CDH , haven't we lost enough , we deserve the right to have this phrase to use where and when we choose, it's ludacrious to me that this can even come up as an issue! - LaDawnielle Wallace

I am a mother of a CDH baby who passed away due to this defect only 3 weeks after birth. I think is wreckless and selfish for an organization to claim all rights to CDH awareness. Families affected by this horrible defect should have access to any and all possible information about CDH so that they can not only prepare themselves for the battle but find solace and peace in other families who have walked in their shoes. This entire debacle simply proves that people are losing sight of what truly matters. We shouldn't be fighting over words but working together to combat CDH in honor and in memory of the thousands of babies born with this defect, and raising awareness so that hopefully, other families will not have to know the pain that comes in losing a child to this defect. - Tricia Smith

I strongly agree this is the most ridiculous and mistaken use of a trademark phrase. The more awareness the better and for 1 organization to attempt to be the only one promoting CDH awareness - that IS detrimental and prohibitive!!! - Cindy Gariepy

If this trademark is approved, it would set a precedent for all awareness groups. No one person or entity should "own" a health awareness. - Lisa Hamrick

I think if this organizatio is trying to help this cause then they should/would relize how much their action would hurt it. - Dominique Beer

Please do not trademark a birth defect. We must do everything possible to raise awareness to save as many precious babies as possible....we would not have my precious niece if doctors, families, and those wishing to donate did not learn of the important issues in order to help and save. - Pamela Huntress

This is disgusting. You have our support to stop this. - James Miller

No one should have the right to the name of a disease or birth defect? The person applying has some money making scheme up their sleeve it would appear - Dan Grace

No one should own a disease awareness. It is a medical condition that gets used may many helpful non for profit programs and websites. They provide useful services to people like myself who have a 1 month old with CDH. If this was taken away from us we would be lost without these free services to help. - Timothy Rogers

NO ONE should be able to own any phrase related to a medical condition!!!!! - Jen Jimison

This is ridiculous! How can anyone claim a copyright on something that is a phrase to describe something so specific? This is a cause that cannot possibly use any other name or despcription because it IS the disease! Breath of Hope is obviously not taking the children who are suffering & dying from this disease into consideration at all... which would make me question their validity. - Diana Pierce

As a parent of a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia survivor, the thought of someone owning this phrase nauseates me. It would be like someone owning "Breast Cancer Awareness". Every rally, every race, every fundraiser would have to be cleared with the owner. What could be accomplished then? How could true awareness happen then? Please deny this petition and any like it in the future. - Brenna Wright

I think its just sick. - Jason Kerley

We lost my son to CDH and awareness needs to be raised. Do not take away the right of any person to spread the awareness. We have a God given right to spread awareness because we've earned the right from losing our children. It needs to remain available for anyone to use. - Debra and Jerald Haney

Allowing any organization the right to own awareness of any birth defect or disease hurts many innocent families and health care professionals to any and all options available to care for their affected family member. - Beth Berge

I can't believe one organization can be allowed to be the sole benefit to use "CDH awareness". While other support groups around the world is to offer support to CDH babies and uses these phrases to help inform and educate people around the world. - Jennifer Doan

as a NICU nurse, I've seen firsthand that families with a child having this diagnosis need all the information and support they can get.Babies born with this diagnosis are truly the sickest children in the country with a 50% survival rate. No one can own awareness, that is the right of the unfortunate few who have to live through it. How will parents find support and information with the title copyrighted. This is a medical diagnosis and in following the words of the hypocratic oath, first do no wrong. This is wrong. - Lorraine Jennings

Its disgusting that the only reason that anyone would want to patent awareness verbiage would be for the sole purpose of profiting from it -- that would be the only reason to do it and none other. Forcing people to use their organization to get the word out; and educate people is utterly disgusting - makes me want to vomit. They deserve to rot in hell for that thought and the audacity to actually follow through on it. - Christie Skerski

This is ludicrous....to try and stop an organization that has been raising awareness of this birth defect for this long is just wrong. Are they hoping to make money off this defect?...and if so, how horrid for those that have lost babies to this. Many, many years ago...1975 to be exact....I lost my newborn son to what they called a Hiatal Hernia which caused many problems and within 20 hours our son was gone. If awareness of this defect can help to stop someone from the heartbreak of having to say goodbye before you even get a chance to say hello and feel the warmth and bursts of love that you feel when holding your newborn up close to you, then by God, stop this nonsense now. No-one should be allowed to *own* awareness. The more people that are allowed to bring awareness the better we all are. - Misty Willetts

I think this is very wrong that someone thinks they have the right to own this birth defect. I personally do not know what I would have done without CHERUBS and everything that it stands for. - Ashley Jackson

No person or group of people should control the rights to something. we should each have the right to speak out for or against anything, according to our beliefs. We should each have the right to raise awareness without worrying about legal issues over a name or a phrase. lets all work together. - Karen Pestana

Elizabeth has fallen off of her rocker if she thinks this is helping CDH families. This is helping Elizabeth. This is a personal vendetta not a charity trying to help CDH families. Most of us know what Elizabeth did to Dawn and Cherubs; I can't believe she has the nerve to continue this behavior. Where is Breath of Hopes board in this? Do they not have the common sense God gave them or they all that gullible to believe this isn't something horrible that is happening here. It is all just disgusting. Cherubs and Australia Cherubs have my complete support in stopping this trademark. CDH awareness belongs to everyone and no one should profit from it or use it to gain control of others. - Mary

to be trademarked. "Congentital Diaphragmatic Hernia" is the name of a disease. No different than Cancer, and Leukemia. - Tammy Poteet

this is an outrage and very upsetting . please do not let this happen . as a mother of a cdh baby i am deeply upset over this. - elizabeth dunne

No one should own words and no one should profit from the awareness of any birth defect that devastates so many. When we lose the word awareness then we live in darkness. Please do not grant this patent to one organization. - Jean Lewis

As a member of CHERUBS and the mother of a child that was born with CDH, I do not agree with ANY organization having this ownership! - Vanessa Hutchinson

This is rediculous. It is unfair to the parents that have CDH babies and the children that have it! I cannot even begin to comprehend how this even became an option for someone to own the name CDH when there are families, hospitals, and children trying to fight and help CDH! - Megan Cole

If you have gone through the living hell of being with your child in the hospital and thankfully at home, you would understand how wrong this is. Why does someone need to trade make awareness of anything? - Christina Stipicevic

Please do not allow any organization to copyright the phraseCognital Diaphrmatic Hernia Awareness. This would limit many families affected by this birth defect to raise money for researching the causes and reducing the number of babies affected by this terrible birth defect. - Susan Wright

The notion of "word" ownership is farcical. "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia" is a birth defect and specific medical condition, and I do not believe the patent office would consider offering exclusivity on this birth defect. Why, then, would the addition of the word "awareness" constitute a patent-worthy phrase? In order to obtain a patent, trademark, or exclusive use of this phrase, the applicant should demonstrate that their METHOD of making people aware is novel, or unique in a dramatic and unmistakable way. The process, then, could be patented and I would agree with that. I strongly disagree with the notion of trademarking any word or phrase that is otherwise universally used to describe a condition when it is clear that the sole purpose of doing so is to deny the use of that phrase to other medical institutions. This trademark application is suspect on the grounds that its only function is in preparation for litigation against other health care organizations. It would be irresponsible to allow this trademark to stand, as it will inevitably divert funds away from helping infants with this condition. Shame on the applicant for such a scheme. - Andrew Epstein

As a parent of a child with CDH, I think this would be a huge set back for all CDH kids and future CDH kids. They go through enough pain and suffering already, please don't make it worse. - Melissa Glennie

"CDH awareness" is a common expression and should not be allowed to be trademarked. Individuals and organizations promoting awareness of CHD ought to be able to use this wording without permission because of ownership by some organization. Sincerely - Paul D. Blandford

"Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness" is a generic phrase used by many groups working to educate the public about this birth defect. Giving one organization a trademark for exclusive use is detrimental to that overall effort. - Cindy Middendorf

I am writing to oppose the attempt to "own" or to establish as a trade mark "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness by the Breath of Hope organization. Cherubs was extremely helpful to our family when our granddaughter was diagnosed in utero with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Kylee eventually died from this problem and we were all so very grateful to Cherubs for the support and education they provided to our grieving family. Sincerely, Margaret Green - Margaret Green

Trademarking a phrase commonly used to help people and families of a birth defect is just plain wrong. - Marni Nabors

No one person should be able to own an awarness a disease or a birth defect. Several families have been affected by this birth defect including mine. Alot of mothers who have been affected by this have made it their goal to spread the word about CDH and its not fair to take that away from them. - Clerissa Thomas

Elizabeth, you should be ashamed of yourself. How is this bringing honor to your daughter's memory or helping any CDH families? - Patricia Jones

This petition is absurd!!! I am angry and offended. As a grandparent of my dear grand daughter who recently died of CDH. I can't believe anyone would be so SELFISH and SELF-ABSORBED as to even think of making this a trademark. I recommend some serious counseling to whoever came up with making CDH awareness a trademark issue! Disgusting..........It must be for a profit and seeing as there is and will never be a cure, it must be for personal gain. - Lori S Campbell

I can not see how one person or organization can try to trademark a birth defect with the word "awareness" behind it. This is the most ludicrous trademark filing that I've ever heard of. Not only does it take away from other organizations and the medical community from using the phrase "CDH Awareness", this would also affect unknowing physicians and nurses from using this phrase either in speaking to their patients, other colleagues and using the phrase UNKNOWINGLY when they are attending medical conventions and presenting lectures at conferences about CDH. MOST importantly, it would infringe, unknowingling in almost ALL cases, from a parent of a CDH child from trying to get the message out about CDH to others. There is NO other phrase or words than "CDH Awareness" that these people can use. I do not see how one person or organization can even imagine that they can take ownership of this phrase. They would be causing detrimental and irreparable harm to many organizations, the medical community, and most importantly to the CDH families. There would be literally thousands upon thousands of individuals that are unaware that their usage of the phrase "CDH Awareness" would and could lead to Federal offenses. There is NO other word to use than "AWARENESS" to bring AWARENESS to CDH (or truthfully, any other entity) than the word AWARENESS. By granting Breath of Hope the exclusive legal usage of the phrase "CDH Awareness," it will bring a very spiteful organization (I have personally known the Founder and President for several years) and have seen her and her organization do some very under minded, spiteful and vengeful things to people and organizations that don't agree with her or her organization. They are just trying to stop almost EVERYONE from using the phrase "CDH Awareness" so she/they can claim legal ownership of it and thereby if they find anyone using it, they can go after them legally. It is all a power and control issue with Breath of Hope and the Founder/President. She/They want to control what every CDH Support Group does and MOST importantly DOESN'T do or isn't able to ACCOMPLISH and has tried every method in the last few years to bring ALL of the other CDH Support Groups that don't agree with her crashing down. By granting Breath of Hope the exclusive legal use of the phrase/term "CDH Awareness," it would give Breath of Hope and mainly the Founder the ULTIMATE power and control over ANY ONE mentioned previously. It would be extremely detrimental to EVERYONE in the CDH community to grant her/them this power to legally be able to sue who ever uses the phrase "CDH Awareness" and to do this SELECTIVLY! I beg of you, as the parent of a child who died of CDH, to PLEASE DO NOT approve Breath of Hope's exclusive legal rights to the phrase/term "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness" based on the reasons stated. Many thanks in advance for your consideration of my request. - Judi Toth

This sort of thing goes directly against the intent, doesn't it? Yes, it does! - Ron Simpson

I had a child with CDH. I think it an abomination for an organization to trademark a term. This term is needed by all to hlep families, and anyone. - Karen Bauer

Please do not allow this company to own the trademark for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness. Those of us who have lost babies to this disease should be able to use this phrase to help others in need. - Amy Dechary

i think this is discusting, my son died of cdh why would some one wanna own congenical diaphragmatic hernia awareness and make off it. its a discrace 2 my sons name it shouldnt happen - joanne

CDH Awareness is not somithing you buy it is somthing you do. Families effected by CDH should be able to get and spread awareness through an organization of their choice. If one person buys " Awareness then what happens to the rest of the organizations trying to freely spread " Awareness" ? - Christy Michel

As a parent of a child who was born with CDH who did not survive, this whole issue is quite disturbing to me. In no way should a single organization own any kind of trademark like this, which obviously would prevent other organizations from using it. It's just ridiculous. Let's start thinking of our children here. Well, most of us are, but some people want to continue causing problems for the whole CDH community for their own personal gain. All this drama isn't funny anymore. I'm so tired of it. It is more heartbreaking than I can put into words. Like I said before, most of us are thinking of our children here, and we want to stand united against the fight for CDH, not have our rights taken away by a person who has nothing better to do than to disrupt the lives of others. This is only my opinion. Thanks. - Alyssa Hagen

i am glad no one has tried to trademark the name breast cancer in order to profit from marketing efforts. imagine all the millions of women and men who might lose out on research efforts made possible from the awareness efforts. Susan G. Komen would be turning over in her grave right now. Please don't let them do this to the C.D.H.A. effort. - roy d fisher

something like this should not be trademarked as it is for the good of all people with cdh. - Alfred Gariepy

It's sad that there has to be a petition to try and stop something like this. If only common sense & doing what was 'right' played more of a role in our society, our government. To the parents/family on here that have suffered a loss...I'm truly sorry. ~God bless you. - Melissa Blake

It is absurd that a common everyday expression can be trademarked for what would presumably be corporate profit: private individuals should not be prevented from conducting their own campaigns to raise awareness of this dreadful condition - especially when funds are so desperately needed. Our son was borne with CDH three years ago and survived against all odds: as someone who has raised funds for research I find it unfair and unreasonable that someone is trying to trademark this expression. Please deny this application. Regards, Haydn. - Haydn & Ek-Orn Thomas

To patent such a phrase is an disgusting example of corporate greed at its worst! - Gloria Parkinson

Are you kidding me??This has got to be a mistake!No one should OWN something that's not theirs!Do the right thing here...please! - susan clark

No one should be able to legally profit from the pain of thousands of infants. - Jennifer DeReus

I am the grandmother of a CDH baby. My grand-daughter died because of this terrible birth defect. I watched and felt the suffering as I held her tiny hand.The pain my son and daughter-in-law went through was horrindous. Anyone should be able to use this term without permission, especially those who have experienced the pain associated with this. - shirley g. Richards

I aree with the above petition in not restricting the use of a term that is the goal of all of the organizations that help parents who have had children or ever have children with this devastating birth defect. - Vivien Diaz-Barrios

No organization or individual should be able to trademark or own "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness". If another organization trademarks this phrase, this would severely restrict a very worthwhile organization, CHERUBS, which is the FIRST organization dedicated to CDH Awareness. As a parent of a child with CDH and a health care provider, I have found CHERUBS to be a tremendous source of information regarding this birth defect, as well as a wonderful support group for people affected by CDH. Please do not allow a group to "own" the exclusive right to use the term "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness" - Chris Barry

I strongly disagree with any one being able to own the words Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness. Thank You - Lynette Moloney

Let's not sell off scientific terms for marketing purposes, even if the marketing is to raise awareness. If they want to copyright something make something up that's unique. - Steve O'Rourke

I agree that this trademark application is ridiculous and must be promptly rejected. - Martin Bromser-Kloeden

My son has CDH. I am a member of Breath of Hope, the organization applying for the trademark, as well as other organizations regarding CDH. For any one organization to trademark "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness" would be a bad thing for all the organizations, and though I don't think Breath of Hope would do terrible things with it, allowing it would set a dangerous precedent for other diseases, as well. - Alan Karna

I have a grandson who was born with CDH and our family had NO awareness of this horrible condition. All persons should be able to use the term CHD AWARENESS to educate others and help the families dealing with the devastating problems associated with CDH. - Nancy Lowry

Notice the filing date, April Fools Day. This is the sickest joke I've ever seen. Should this be a real organization applying for a real trademark or patent of the named disease and it is granted then our government officials are the biggest FOOLS April or otherwise of whom I've ever heard. - Joan McKenna

It is a sad day when any organization is making an attempt to profit from a birth defect. By allowing any organization to 'own' a birth defect would require permission (and usually a fee) from that organization to use the name or abbreviation in awareness of individual fundrasing efforts. How greedy can we get? - Angelynn Mescher

No one should own a trademark on the name of a birth defect. Its an injustice and needs to stop. - mark lucas

This has got to be a joke. Families affected by CDH ALL own the Awareness. - stephanie olivarez

No one with good intentions would want to trademark awareness of a birth defect. - Jack Miller

the American idea of intellectual property has gone a bit haywire in recent years. applying for exclusive use of the name of a disease, however, is a shockingly low tactic. I appeal to your sense of reason when I ask you to protect the public good by denying the use of CONGENITAL DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA AWARENESS as a word mark. - David Holman

I have been a member of cherubs for years, don't take this away from us! - Michele Childress

i was hoping that this was a joke, however i see it is not so here is my 2 cents... i won't agree to this, but i would love for someone to volunteer to take ownership for the words "grief", "death", heartache" ...oh yeah that's right that is the part of CDH no one wants to revel for. owning something won't stop cdh, if it would have i owuld have bought it two years and 9 months ago today...happy birthday my sweet aubrey...born 8/14/06passed 8/28/06left behind her twin sister anneleise and parents who loved and wanted her more than anything... - whitney

Health - particularly the health of children should be something all people and organisations put some effort into fixing - it's not the domain of one small yoga association pushing their particular brand of therapy. Shame on them. By all means, do what you can, but do it without claiming a legal protection / monopoly in the process. Breath of Hope? You have got to be kidding me! - Laurene Trim

what right do these people have? If any person should own it should be the medical profession and all the people who have been affected by this defect. At least the living are normal not like these person(s) trying to do this!!! - kylie beswick

Greed should not be placed before the health of babies - Ken McKay

This definitely shouldn't be allowed to happen. I have a CDH daughter. When she was born I had no awareness of the condition at all. It was only when I found CHERUBS that I started to understand it and how lucky I was to still have her. - Sharon Cribben

Unbelievable! What great purpose would a company have (besides monetary) to own the name of a birth defect. The mothers, families, and supporters of these babies would not be allowed to utter the word or put out any literature or fundraisers without "special permission". That is outrageous and I hope that it is not allowed. The company that is applying should know better than that. - Jennifer Fitzgibbons

It is wrong to benefit financially and gain attention from families who are suffuring through a loss of a child who passed on from a birth defect or children who are living a life with such defect. How horrible it is for a group to come together and want to claim what has already been taken by families using it as a non profit awareness tool to the public. - Stephanie

As the mother of a child who was born with Pentalogy of Cantrell, which included CDH, I find it appalling that anyone could essentially own awareness of this condition. This is something I am fully against, and I am happy to sign the petition to prevent this from happening. - Sarah Doyle

This term shouldn't be "owned". It doesn't make any sense to do so. The person behind this is trying to deal with her own grief of losing a child. Lashing out at other organizations who are also trying to make people aware doesn't help. - Stacy Ernst

Since there does not appear to be an accepted agreement on exactly how to best treat babies affected by CDH, there should not be a sole body advocating how its awareness is raised. - Alex Houchin

Once again people looking out for themselves without any consideration for the children and families who have to live with and deal with CDH everyday. - Ellana Dawson

The babies affected are the owners of this "term" or "word mark". Please, let us all raise public awareness through good will and support for those affected and their families. For all my 40+ years I had never ever heard of such a birth defect until my precious granddaughter, Natalie, was born with it in 2003. We lost her after 12-weeks of life and she taught me more in those 12 shorts weeks than I could have hoped to learn in a life time. The education that we received through various services provided us with the understanding that we needed to cope. - jane burlingame

Why would any organization want to own the acronym of a birth defect as a trademark? Does anyone own ADHD or SIDS or AIDS? Or are those next to be patented as official trademarks? If the patent office allows this, it will be a sure sign that all our children - even the ones who are not aborted and do not suffer with birth defects - are considered as non entities with no entitlement to any rights whatsoever. And THAT will be a sure sign that our nation will not long endure! The future of our nation is in how it treats its children! - Denelda Giovinazzo

get real make a living off something else......leave this alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Jeremy Lovejoy

This is absurd! I have never heard of limiting the awareness of any disease or cause to one organization. How can one entity own a term so important. - Rachel Crawford

This, under no circumstances should be allowed to happen as it will prevent all cdh groups from around the world helping families who are affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and the claim must be dismissed by the patent and trademark office and a phrase like this should not be used in this way. - Brenda Lane

My daughter is recovering from CDH & is only 3 wks old. Please help us raise awareness! Don't allow some organisation to own this title! - Rebecca Bolger

For those of us that care for these very special babies, this is truly one of the most selfish moves I have seen. If their motivation was to help families and patients, they have missed the mark. - Reed Dimmitt, MD

I AM STRONGLY AGAINST TRADEMARK OWNERSHIP. no one should benefit off the babies and there families pain and suffering. Leave things as they are. Its a hard enough time for families so why make it harder. Please have a heart and think about the children first before you think of money. - Leanne Brooks

I would like to think that the patent office would find this laughable even without a petition, but if a petition is necessary, sign me up. - Charles Hess

WOW, greed at it's finest. Please do not allow one company to monetarily gain by Copyrighting a term. The people who have the right to this "term" are the people who have lived it, the babies, the families, not some organization who is clearly out for themselves - Nadine Larsen

If this term can be patented, how soon will it be before someone goes to the dr. & the dr. says, "I can't tell you what's wrong with you or your child until I get permission from the organization that owns the name of it. And I can't begin treatment without that permission, because I can't tell any other person what it is." - Jeanne Hess

My baby grandson died from CDH in 2006 and I am totally against anyone owning rights to the title Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness... it is appalling that any person or organization would try to limit awareness of this disease for their own selfish purposes. - Cynthia Hudson

this is a travesty! - Stephanie Achevich

No one should own awareness of a disease or birth defect. Families, doctors, etc should be able to freely use those terms, such as CDH, without any prior permission first. What a bogus notion, to own a birth defect or disease....what are those organizations thinking? - Lori Mulcahy

I work with CDH patients and have known Dawn and CHERUBS for many years. I have watched while small minded people try to discredit their work and I have watched other organizations form and fail because of their selfish intentions. Never in all my days did I expect to live to see something as selfish as what this group is doing to try to trademark CDH and other CDH groups doing nothing to stop this and letting CHERUBS do all the heavy lifting. Dawn I am so proud of all you have done and continue to do in putting these families and babies first. To all the families at CHERUBS and the volunteers; I say this to you: your courage in dealing with CDH and now your courage in the face of this horrible act makes your children proud and makes we care providers proud as well. - Jack

As the grandmother of beautiful Liviana Grace Price, a CDH baby, I am appalled that any organization or individual would presume to want to make it nearly impossible for others to use the term Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness! Why would any entity, organization, or individual within an organization wish to prevent others from using this phrase? I often attach the CDH Awareness ribbon with Livi�s picture in emails to my friends and family when notifying them of Livi�s progress. I cannot tell you how many people are now aware of CDH because of seeing this little ribbon. The following is a quote from the petition filed by Breath of Hope, Incorporated, under �Describing Text� in their application: �Promoting public awareness of congenital diaphragmatic hernia; Public advocacy to promote awareness of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.� I believe this is exactly what every CDH organizations wishes to do! Why then would the Breath of Hope, Incorporated, feel the need to promote themselves as being the only organization doing so? For the Breath of Hope, Incorporated, to expect other CDH organizations to expend time and money applying for permission (and pay a fee!) to use these words reeks of selfishness and greed! I urge the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to deny Petition No. 77436855. - Teresa J. Roberts

I think this is ridiculos. This organization is not the only orginization support families of children with CDH. This needs to be reversed so that everyone can benifit from the awareness programs for this birth defect. - Melissa DeDecker


No one organization/group/individual should "own" the sole right to use a MEDICAL PHRASE, especially in conjunction with "Awareness." This would affect so many people and groups who do much more for these causes than one organization/etc could do. - Kandy Smith

I cannot believe this idea even exists. It's RIDICULOUS to think someone can "own" CDH Awareness. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED! It's nothing more than a power/money grab. - Shawn Cote

As the mother of a child who was stricken with this devistating condition, I beg of you, please do not allow this to happen! - Corena Barbee

Wow - how low can you sink? Trademarking something that has such devastating effects on children. - Anne Marie Mulvey

This is ubsurd. No one should have the right to own this or anything like it. It is pure greed on behalf of the owner of Breath of Hope. They ought to be ashamed of themselves and get back to the basics on which they were based, helping others cope with their loss. - Jonathan Olson

I personally believe that any group must not have the ownership of the term "awarenes" of any birth defects, disorder or any form of disease. - Regina de los Reyes

an absolute disgrace that this should even be allowed or they should have even been able to put this application in - and a joke if it goes thro - samantha lloyd

No one should "own" the awareness of a disease! It will prevent all those who were touched by CDH from being able to raise awareness, fundraise, and the like without doing so through this said organization. Please don't allow this to happen. For all the babies who suffered, and the families who are still suffering today. - Lisa Slugoski

I do not believe access to the term: "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness" should be taken away or limited in any way from the organizations that support BABIES or their familes going through this devasating health issue . . . on behalf of Liviana Grace. - Debbie McGaffin

My son died in 1978 when he was 3 days old from a diaphragmatic hernia. I am against any organization that wants to "own" this term as a patent to make money. How ridiculous. - Vickie Martin

This is not fair and no one should profit from another's hardship. - Laurie Lloyd

Nobody should be able to "own" such a name. This is just crazy! Please don't let these people "own" this term, there are people that NEED to use this name in order to gain awareness NOT money! Compassion and awareness should come before greed and money. Please allow the victims and their families the ability to use this name in getting the word out about it. - Kerri Scheufler

Our little guy has CDH & a trademark on our condition and awareness is awful. - Nik Larson

I am a mother of a soon-to-be 11-year-old daughter born with CDH. We all need to work together to bring awareness of this terrible birth defect, and not undermine one another. - Sharon Munson

Please do not permit someone to own the trademark to the phrase, "Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness." This can only do harm to babies and families by hindering awareness of and work done on this devastating defect. - Hafidha Acuay

What is Wrong With People??? Hope We All Can Get This Stopped! - Natasha Orona

it should be against the law to own the name of a medical condition the onyl thing that can come from it is more greed - jesse jones

CDH Awareness is for ALL families affected by this devastating birth defect, not one person looking for recognition. It is an absolute shame people do not all share the same goal... truly supporting ALL families affected by CDH - Brenda Slavin

This situation greatly disturbs me! My daughter Sofia was in the hospital for 7 months after birth an hour away from home because of her CDH . She barely made it with the limited availability of resources that there are to help the hospital staff. Her local medical staff that follows her now hardly even knows what her condition is. If these people get away with doing this it could prevent other babies from making it and prevent further proper care of her by her medical care givers that will be dealing with her from here on out! - Katie Carman

I have a grandson that was born with this. I can not believe anyone would even consider benefiting from something like this. I would sign a thousand petitions for this not to happen. Thanks to the Great Doctors and other organazations he is doing very well. - Sue Poshard

I pray that this petition is successful as well as serve as a means to end foolishness such as this - trademarking the name of a disease. God help us. - Kimberly Arundel

The teal/blue ribbon was created by my friend in memory of MY son Drew. It has ALWAYS been intended for FREE public use--by the creator (my friend) and owner (me). - Jana Lewallen

Owning awareness of a disease? Seriously? That's so wrong. - Lynnae McCoy

how can one benefit itself from loss and pain of others, is it ethical? - anita

This is disgusting. These people are horrible and God will see that they are punished for what they are doing to innocent babies and their families. They need psychiatric help. - Joan Johnson

No one orginization or person should be allowed the privilage of souly supporting or contributing or raising awarness for any cause. This is wrong for this woman and I think she is nuts if she thinks things will go in her favor. Where will humanity be if we can not choose to freely support causes because of people like this. - Misty Williams

An individual trying to make an issue out of a group that is trying to help and be supportive of others is the lowest form of being and not worth the time or effort - Aaron Moore

I do not know what to even say but, .HOW DARE YOU!!! - JESSICA BROWN

My granddaughter Claire jackson was supported so much by everyone and for someone to think they have the right to own this defect is just ludicrous - Sonya Graham

This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. Our daughter was born and passed away having had CDH and I will use the term awareness anytime I please if it will help another parent. - Larry Childress

I think this is beyond why would someone take someone elses rights to use what ever they want . protecting babies in honor of Claire Jackson - Jessica Thoms

NO ONE has a right to own these words except maybe ALL the familes that are effected by this horrible birth defect. It is not right that someone would take this away from all of the familes by trying to own it. It degrades the struggles and suffering we all went through. Any organization or person who thinks they should be the only one to own these words is not an organization that cares about doing as much as they can for the defect and to spread awareness. This would hinder all the persons trying to raise awarness. Any organization or persons who would try to own these words would also not care about the familes that have suffered GREATLY under this defect. This is childish and I don't see how it would help children suffering from the birth defect. - Jennie

This is an afront to grieving parents especially, but also an unnecessary expense to our government system and the families/charity who must defend themselves against such action. How can anyone "own" awareness?? As a nurse I am appalled. - Greta Shealy

It should be against the law to do something like this and I hope to Jesus Christ that they do something about this soon.. - Debora Guadalupe

CDH Mom, have had wristbands made with CDH Awareness on them, and have raised so much awareness and support in our community. This is a horrible thing to think that someone would want to profit from this devistating defect. - Cassi Reed

I completely agree with this petition. No one should be allowed to profit from anyone's suffering, and everyone should be able to support and help others in need. I don't understand why someone would think it is alright to profit from others sickness and suffering. - Brandi Hash

Trying to copyright a "catch phrase" that is commonly used to refer to any specific disease/defect/syndrome, etc., seems to be self-serving for the organization seeking to do so rather than truly trying to raise awareness of the condition. Any creative organization should be able come up with a unique name to draw attention to their group without co-opting a phrase that is in general use. - Audrey S. McMahan

Stop this organization from owning a right that belongs to all of us! The right to raise awareness for a birth defect that we ALL have been affected by! - Amanda Turner

This is an egregious abuse of the copyright process, in that the only benefits by doing this will prevent the general public from using the phrase, including newspapers, discussion groups, forums, blogs, newsletters, etc. which also do their part to raise awareness about CDH. - Sonya Faust

Cherubs was the only place I could find for support when I found out my daughter would be born with CDH, this was in 2001. No one person or company should have any ownership to any phrase used in for medical advise or support. What benefit would there be for a trademark for "CDH Awareness"? Money, is the only thing that comes to mind... - Rhonda Steiner

No disease awareness should be trademarked. If the lady wants to trademark and organization...give it a name and use that. I think this could have major implications for more than just this single disorder. - Robin Norris

This is a medical term for a certain medical problem, and should not be used exclusively by any one group or organization,for profit or not for profit . Would you allow only only one company talk about treating Hypertension, such as AstraZeneca? - Walter Emmons

We lost our son Daniel Jens to CDH in 1975. I cannot imagine someone treating this condition as something to be owned. It's unconscionable. - Jackie Ekelund

this would be a terrilble thing to take away from people trying to raise awareness. - Dawn Garlick

My nephew has CDH and has been through a lot at such a young age. I think that it is disrespectful to take this right away from him and our families and the families of other children that have been affected. - Ashleigh Tate

No entity should own the the "awareness" of any disease or birth defect. Clearly, Breath of Hope is looking for monetary gain and it is quite unethical. - Crystal Hendon

I think that anyone who would try to trademark on awareness of an illness is a sad and sick person, especially when an organization to promote awareness is already in place....what would be the motivation? MONEY maybe and not the well being of sick children...how sad! - Liz

No one should own a phrase that is linked to a disease that causes death's in children. My sister died of this Disease and to market her death for your own gain tells me you have no heart at all. May Satan tear your worthless soul apart. You people make me sick. - Shawn Bedient

As a member of both organizations, I will now be removing my name from Breath of Hope. This is reprehensible. - Lynne Neeley

As a pediatric surgeon, it is my duty to spread awareness of any congenital condition that threatens the lives of infants and children. Nobody should have an exclusive ownership of any words or phrases that may hinder the spread of knowledge. - Bryan C Weidner MD

The most important people are the bubs and their families. How dare someone try and own the right to the awareness. - sarah rawson

I would never had made it supporting my daughter and newborn grandson without Cherubs and other non copyrighted information about CDH - Kathleen OConnor

To effectively help people we must be able to spread the word in the largest possible group or chain, if it is truly the cause you care for and not yourself!! - Heather DeOliveira

Freedom of speech is a basic democratic right. People with concerns about any medical condition need to be able to communicate freely in order to learn about and discuss treatments, related events, experiences, contacts. Any interference with this basic right has no place in a democratic country. - Marlene Thoms

I think it is a shame the people would try to profit from a childs's deffect. The people who started this petition to patent this brithdeffect should be ashamed of themselfs!!!! My lady friends grandson has this deffect and his mom and dad have been through as much as any other parent of a child that his it . They aren't getting on the bandwagon to profit from their child and neither should anyone esle! - Tom Bayer

Surely CDH and AWARENESS are generic terms. Lolet's all work together to help this cause! - Lynne Marshall

I believe that no organization should own this phrase. It should be able to be used by anyone helping to raise awareness and support for research on what causes and what procedures will help these children. - Tonya Veltrop

Parents of affected children own this and any disease through their own blood, sweat and tears. No corporation should ever be allowed to own anything related to a specific disease that isn't the result of their research ie: medication, treatment equipment. - ronda capraro

This is horrible. I read the entire thing and all the links. What would possess someone to be that way? It sounds like a personal revenge plot and some crazy womans need for control. - Anna Roberts

This is ridiculous! NOBODY should own a phrase of any kind and especially not one that might be the very phrase that helps us find a cure for the devastating birth defect that took my son from me!!! To think that anybody thinks they have the right to own this phrase and would then sue in an attempt to profit from this makes me insane! CHERUBS is the ONLY reason I had any awareness of this birth defect during my pregnancy and without CHERUBS I would have been clueless and unprepared! CHERUBS has helped too many families using this very phrase and to know that somebody is able to turn around and attempt to sue CHERUBS which would be taking the very money used to raise awareness about this disease is a contridiction in the worst way and proof that no good will come from allowing anybody to own this phrase! And proof that there are NO GOOD intentions by this owner. I'm PISSED! I can't even think straight right now! And the thing bothering me the most is I recognize the name of the person doing this and I pray to god that I am wrong! PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG! Wasn't this person a member of cherubs!!!! Didn't this person gain awareness of this birth defect through cherubs? And is this person now using her childs birth defect for her own personal gain. I pray I am reading this wrong or have the name wrong! Either way this is the sickest thing I have ever heard! Start your own website, start your own awareness, the more the better but do not attempt to own it you stupid $*&^$*^% that prevents families from getting information they desperately need! You do not own MY Awareness!! It's MINE I own it! - Jennifer Wasik

Do not let them do this - my daughter has CDH and it is just as much my right to use "awareness" as anyone else's - they should not be the only ones allowed!!!! - Andrea Ryan

no one should be able to profit from the birth defect of a baby - Vicky Holliger

My wife told me about this and I thought that surely she was confused. I read the application. I read the legal threats. I read Breath of Hope, Incorporated's blog. Some one needs therapy and a visit to church. God help her as she obviously needs it. - Jeff Wilson

I am a CDH Grandma and want only the very best for the babies and families that have to deal with this. - Carolyn Dunn

No one person or organizations should hold the rights to the name of a birth defect. It would limit the awareness and support for the cause. This is ridicoulous that they could even do that. Not only would the person/company financially benefit from it but funding and research would suffer greatly because it would need rights/approval through one company. - Terri Belt

I agree, no one should be allowed to OWN awareness of any disease or birth defect. The very idea is ludicrous. - Mary Sizemore

My Granddaughter Bre Bre {Brianna} died from this and it was the hardest thing in the world to deal with. I do think that more people should be aware of this life threating problem. She is pictued above and she is still in our hearts. - Dana Mobley

Families affected by this have already gone through so much. The fundraising and generally public awareness belongs to them, not a corporation. Corporations should not be allowed to profit. The support and research belongs to people that are concerned about the babies, not the name of the birth defect. - April Sanchez

CDH is not something to make money off of. Everyone should be free to use the term - Deborah Albano

If this woman lost to or has a child with CDH, then I feel for her, however, she has no right to threaten the rest of us who have also lost children to CDH and have found our own network of help and support. I was not "aware" that CDH was as common as Spina Bifida, but I had heard of Spina Bifida and had never heard of CDH before my baby girl died of it. I think "Awareness" is for everyone to have and not to be controlled. - Angela Yap

My daughter is a CDH survivor, now 10 years old. It is so important for families and hospitals to be able to use CDH awareness, that for one person to trademark it is crazy. Without awareness imagine how many lives would be lost. There are still doctors out there who are not aware of this condition and it is still highly important for us to get the word out. - Kristin Garcia

My son was born with this condition, and no one should gain profit from this birth defect . Any money raised should be correcting problems and helping families and hospitals solving this problem. thank you - Karl Horvath

Why fight over the health of our children, when all that is to gain is money - Steve Inverarity

I am a Grandmother of a child who died from CDH at 18 days of age. I do not believe that anyone should profit from this or any disease. This is to help the parents and families understand and find support of the disease. - Debbie Heinrich

my daughter was born with a left sided hernia and very nearly lost her life ,this group is amazing and you should leave them alone,this is nonsense and we should all be allowed to use that term . - rebecca smith

It is just wrong to believe that someone group would profit from making others aware of a birhtdefect. I believe all should have a chance to bring hte awareness about. - Christina Harvey

This defect belongs to our children not EDP - Lise Dill

This is just absurd! - Toni Fiorillo

My Niece died of cdh 17 years ago. This woman trying to do this must be in my opion a selfish and crazy woman! - gabrielle majstorovic

I believe that CDH awareness should not belong to one person/organization. BOH should not be allowed to trademark Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness. They should not be allowed to police how CDH Awareness is used. the fact that BOH has petioned to have fundraising removed form websites such as Zazzle.com and Cafepress.com show that this organization is in it only for themselves... - Paige Cox

Owning the a phrase that includes a disease name and awareness is an incedible thought to me. How someone could think this is OK is beyond me! I lost a daughter to CDH. It was not Breath of Hope that got me through my grief and provided me information. Them thinking that they have a right to own this phrase is rediculous to me. Phrases such as this should not be OWNED by anyone - they should be available for all to use to further the cause and help others. Shame on Breath of Hope for trying to stop the help for children and families impacted by CDH! - Amanda Owen

The phrase "Awareness" in any form is a communicative application. No organization should be allowed to copyright that, how absurd. - Dennis Owen

How very sad that one entity (Breath of Hope) would want to monopolize the wording used by others for fund raising of such a charitable cause; It makes one wonder what are their motives. - Karen Martin, APN

i am a CDH survivor. it saddens me that someone wants to OWN a name that defines the ability to spread the news and support about a defect that nearly killed me. - danielle swank

I am very shocked by this. My daughter died recently with a CDH. It is the most awful pain. However, knowing that there are organisations to turn to out there for help, clarification, support, is a comfort. I am sure BOH do some very good work - but why would they seek to restrict the other organisations that do equally good work. If they want to do something to unify the work each organisation does, thats commendable I guess, but do so properly, start a network, work out ways of working together. Surely theres a better way than their trademark approach!! It makes me very angry. - Anthony Vaz


My granddaughter (1-year old) is a CDH survivor. Thank God. Obvioiusly none of these people have ever had the experience of CDH in their lives... - JoAnn Solberg

No organisation should be allowed to do this, because the more people that raise awarness & give support the better for CDH. How can one organistion only raise awareness of CDH, the more organistions the better!!!! - Tracy Brookes

How can one organisation try to claim the rights to the name of condition & raising awareness??? Breath of Hope should be ashamed!!! There main concern should be helping people effected by CDH & raising awareness rather than spending their time trying to stop another organistion trying to do the same thing? - Adam Hawkes

I have a son who was born with CHD 3 years ago and I think it is very important for that we spread as much awareness about this condition as possible. It should not be limited to one group to do as they please, I dont think this is something anyone should OWN anyone who has had personal experience of this condition should surely appreciate as much awareness being made and dont see how the group such as Breath of hope has the right to deprive our children of this. I am a member of many of these groups inc. the above and it was from searching these on google that I came accross Cherubs and such like and was able to prepare myself for the birth of my son and to appreciate the condition and feel very privilaged to have him with me today when so many other families out there have not been so fortunte. - Mrs. Long

this is an awful violation of human rights . know one can OWN the awareness of anything . the next thing i know i could be sued for using the phrase "congenital diaphragmatic hernia awareness ". awareness is a basic human right . families of CDH children need as much awarness of information from all sources without being hindered by the monopolization or frivilousness. this is a life and death matter not a trademark . - dejah rogers

No one should own the right to awareness of a disease that strikes everyone, how crass and transparent... - Mary Ward

Im a mummy to a CDH angel & disgusted that someone could put a stop to raising CDH awareness. - Gemma Hawkes

Breath of hope, inc- you should be ashamed of yourselves! This is my little cousin you are using as a poster child for your organization of falsehoods and threats, with out the permission of her parents. Ever heard of Karma? You will no doubt find out about what goes around, comes around. - gayelynn garrison

Breath of Hope you should be ashamed of your selves.....You have no right to steal this trademark. I think God will take care of you for stealing...you know one of the ten commandments is "Thou shalt not Steal"...this is plagarisim in the worst way. how cruel you are.....so....Breath of Hope, SHAME ON YOU....GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!! - Susan Greene

Everyone should be made aware of this terrible condition. - Cheryl Penn

Trademarking a birth defect should be absolutely illegal. This is unconscionable. These people should be ashamed of themselves. - Antonia Cummings

How does cornering the market on a cause actually HELP the cause? You can own a birth defect! - Danielle Friedl

Makes my heart sad that we all have one thing in common CDH and our babies alive or angels but they will continue to make more heart ache by trying to block all the good that is intended by Cherubs. surley the money wasted trying to put a slur on chrubs would be better spent fighting CDH was this not the idea in the first place !!!! all against CDH. - M Branch

I think it is horrible and those people should be ashamed of themselves trying to prohibit others form using the name to raise awareness....The whole point is to raise awareness to hopefully find curable ways to fix this health problem so that families do not loose their babies .... - Leslie Thompson

This is ridiculous - lets help people and not try to own something that is more for help than for profit! - Beth A. Herrmann

The people behind the organization that wants to own the awareness of the disease or birth defect are blaspheming the holy ghost because they are hurting people by what they are doing and they are aware of it. Matthew 12:31-32 (Jesus says)- "Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come." - Mary Helen Burwell Smith

I think this is wrong entirely! - Becky Zachar



hopefully all who sign this petition (as I did) could still support the sale of somekind of ribbons or buttons that would serve to raise more funds to help the children. Pink ribbons sold to raise money to help women with breast cancer are not copyrighted or patented are they? - laurie wright

Awareness is just the beginning. A lot of attention and help needs to be directed towards these children. - Laura Dehart

It is sad that an organization would profit from the pain and suffering of babies and now allow everyone free access to the name to promote awareness. Shame on you Ms. Doyle-Propst! - Lester W. Neeley

Without this awareness i would have completely had no clue about it. This is a reckless trade mark and makes absolutely no since. We need to spread the word about this. - Melinda Adams


How can these peole help raise awaness, if they cant use this term, and how are they suposed to honor there children that have passed, I have not lost a child, but i have lost a brother, and i know it is hard, plese stop this for the families of these children, it is not fair to then not to be able to honnor them, - Felicia Fitzgerald

I think its nuts that someone can own a medical term that describes someones health issue. To stop parents from using this phrase when trying to explain their childs condition in letter, video or blog is purely nonsense. Its a medical condition/term. - Cheryl Ford

Thank you for standing up for our cherubs! God bless all the groups and people who stop this trademark so our cherubs can spread awareness! - Cathy Nelson

this is an outrage no one should be gaining from a birth defect that has taken and changed lives, our family will never be the same. all monies should be going to fighting this, more research and NOT to someones gain. - rebecca keenan

These are just a few of the 5000 signatures on the petition. Just a few. These are the words of CDH parents, grandparents, doctors, nurses and survivors. They are the people who should own Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cdhawareness/signatures.html

An organization that truly cares about it's cause would listen to the people it is supposed to serve and not be self-serving.

Disclaimer - the views and opinions of those who posted on the Petition are not necessarily the views and opinions of CHERUBS, it's volunteers, board of directors, members or the other organizations leading the fight against this trademark

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