Monday, April 8, 2013


Kara HessKara Hess

Kara is mom to Adam, LCDH survivor born August 2006.  Other complications from his CDH include Gastric Volvulus (rare abnormal rotation of the stomach of more than 180° that creates a closed loop obstruction), Dysphagia, Hypospadius, reherniation, bowel obstruction, and malrotation of the intestinal tract.  Adam also has Apraxia, a neurological disorder that is characterized by the loss of ability to carry out learned movements,despite having the desire and physical ability to perform the movements.  
Kara has been a member of CHERUBS since 2007 and has served on the CHERUBS Executive Board of Directors and Conference Planning Committee.  She is wife to Chuck and is a stay at home mother of two busy boys. Prior to motherhood, Kara worked as a Senior Contracts Specialist for a meeting and conference planning company.  She also worked as a Professional Development Assistant for a child care referral agency. Kara received her Associate of Applied Business degree from Stark State College.
She enjoys Thai and Indian dining/cooking, biking, traveling, garage saling, daily coffee time with her mom, and leading a daily women's Bible devotional group.   

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