Friday, April 26, 2013


Karen MyersShankari Murali

Shankari is mum to my miraculous cherub, Anugrah Murali, born with Left CDH and pectus on 20th January 1999. He was born in a Delhi hospital and his defect was diagnosed at birth.  The pediatrician shifted him immediately to Indraprastha Apollo hospital where he had his repair on the 3rd day of his life. [Given the number of babies born in India, CDH is not strange or unknown among pediatricians. Repairs are undertaken in most large hospitals but eventual outcomes depend on both surgical intervention and post-op care, which was luckily excellent in Anugrah's case.] At two years of age he developed a serious problem of intestinal adhesions and volvulus which required an even more difficult and critical surgery. He was lucky again to have  the same excellent ped. surgeon, Dr BD Dwivedi. He had yet another surgery for inguinal hernia soon after. Since then, he has overcome all the developmental issues and is one happy, healthy young boy.

Shankari lives in Bangalore with her two delightful children Aishwarya and Anugrah and their golfer dad, Murali. She is the India rep. of CHERUBS and works for the government of India.

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