Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Karen MyersTracy Meats

Tracy is the mom of Ian Wesley, born April 3, 2004, at 36 weeks old.  He was born with an undiagnosed left-sided CDH.  He spent 53 days in the NICU at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Ian was on ECMO for 7 days and had his CDH repair on day 5.  On day 48, he had left and right inguinal hernia surgeries, along with an undescended left testicle surgery.   He was on a ventilator for 29 days, of which 23 days was an oscillating vent.  He endured many complications including pulmonary hypertension, NG tube feeds, developmental delays, minor oral aversions, hypoplastic left lung, chylothorax,  pneumothorax, anemia, acid reflux, and oxygen dependency.  Ian used oxygen for 546 days.  He currently has abnormal systemic venous drainage above the heart with numerous collateral vessels and an echogenic mass on the heart, all due to ECMO.  Ian loves school and his video games!
Tracy is the Wyoming State Representative and Volunteer Coordinator for CHERUBS.  She is married to her loving husband, Chris, and they have 3 other sons besides Ian; Cole, Shane and Toby.  She is an Avon Representative and her full-time job is a stay-at-home mom.  Tracy has a BS in Accounting and has worked as an auditor and tax consultant.  She enjoys volunteering to help CDH families, reading, playing and listening to music, anything crafty, and fishing.

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