Friday, April 12, 2013


Megan WeedonMegan Weedon

My name is Megan Weedon.   I live in Paw Paw, MI with my Husband (Alyssa’s Step dad) and our two sons, Benson (2.5 yrs.) and Caleb (7 months).  My daughter Alyssa was born 7/19/04 with a LCDH.  The hernia was spotted at our 24 weeks ultrasound but officially diagnosed at a 28 week ultrasound.  Alyssa spent 9 weeks in the NICU at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.  She was put on Veno Venus ECMO 12 hours after Birth and was on ECMO for 5 days.  She was then weaned and taken off and her hernia was repaired.  4 days post op. she was in Respiratory distress and put back on Veno Arterial ECMO.  She spent another 6 days on the machines.  To my knowledge, Alyssa is the only double case at HDCH to date (checked stats December 2012).  Today she is a happy, healthy 8 year old, although we are still battling weight gain issues.  She had a Fundoplication (Nissen and Mic-Key G-tube) placed at 7 months old and we still use her tube today for 3 bolus feeds a day along with working on her oral eating quantities. 

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