Friday, February 22, 2013


Clair MaherClair Maher

Hi I am Clair Maher, 39, and I live in Manchester England. My daughter Charley was born March 2010 with LCDH. During my pregnancy, Cherubs was my life line & becoming an International Rep is a huge honour. Charley was born at Manchester Children's Hospital where she had her CDH repair & large gortex patch at 5 days old. At 15 days old she had open heart surgery to repair coarctation of the aorta.

March 2012, Charley had open heart surgery to remove the band placed on her Pulmonary Artery at birth. During this surgery Charley suffered an acquired Brain Injury which has put her back physically. She is currently NG tube fed awaiting a fundo & g tube.

I work full time as a Manageress of a Jewellers. Married to Rodney, we have 3 boys. Niall is 16, a football scholar. Joshua is 8 and Samuel is Josh's identical twin who is our Heavenly baby.

I enjoy socializing, DIY, true crime and fundraising . People who know me would describe me as being a genuine Friend.

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