Thursday, February 28, 2013


Karla HoltKarla Holt

Karla is the mom of Braden Holt, born March 13, 2008. Shortly after birth he was diagnosed with a right side congenital diaphragmatic hernia. He was transported via helicopter to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Braden's condition remained stable and he was able to have his diaphragm repair surgery the day after his birth. He recovered quickly and was able to come home on his 12th day of life! To date, Braden has had two other minor procedures. At 13 months he required surgery for an undescended testicle (orchiopexy) and had ear tubes placed in
both ears in July 2010. Thanks to a year of in home feeding therapy Braden is now eating us out of house and home! He is a happy and energetic four-year-old who spends his days practicing his ninja moves (karate) and terrorizing his big sister, Brooke (age 8).

Karla lives with her family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Fountainville) and is the CHERUBS state representative for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. She teaches high school Spanish in the Abington School District and has studied in Seville, Spain. She also has a Master's degree in ESL. She loves running, swimming, and being outdoors with her family.

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