Monday, March 11, 2013


Jennifer RodiJennifer Rodi

Jennifer is the mother of Joseph, born August 31, 2011, at 40 weeks and 42 minutes. He was born with a left-sided CDH, diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation. He spent 155 days (5 months) in the NICU at Children’s Hospital Colorado, in Aurora, Colorado. Joseph had his hernia repair at 3 days of life and was on an oscillating ventilator and eventually weaned to a respirator over several weeks. On October 20th a cardiac catheterization revealed that Joseph has a mild coarctation. On November 1 Joseph had his second surgery – a Nissen Fundoplication and G-Tube to address his severe reflux. On December 24, he had what will hopefully be his last surgery, an aortic pexy to address his severe tracheal malacia.

Jennifer is a co-representative for the state of Colorado. She is happily married to her best friend, Al.  Jennifer is a senior air safety investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board. She has a BS in Aviation Science, two MS degrees in Aviation Science with specializations in Systems Safety and Human Factors, and is a PhD candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Jennifer and Al enjoy restoring their home, racing stock cars, operating their vintage motor cars, and spending every waking moment with their miracle Cherub Joseph.

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